Korean pop singer Minzy.Facebook/Minzy

Former 2NE1member Minzy is unhappy that she had to learn about the band's final project through media. 

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On Friday, Minzy uploaded a photo of the group together and hinted that she would have preferred to be told about the project directly. "It's a shame that I had to find out 2NE1 will be releasing their final album through a news article," she wrote on Instagram. "This is very unfortunate as I was previously a member of the group 2NE1, but I share the same feelings as the other members in wanting to show appreciation and bid farewell to everyone for all their love and support of 2NE1." In the same post, she wished her former teammates all the success as they continue on their individual careers.

2NE1's final song is titled Goodbye and it is written by CL. The song is co-produced by J Gramm and Rook Monroe and it will be released on January 21.

YG Entertainment's Yang Hyuk Suk also opened up about 2NE1's disbandment and he said the decision to end the group was taken to protect Park Bom following the 2014 drug scandal.

"The decision to disband 2NE1 was because I felt that Park Bom's mental health was not good. The effects of the drug smuggling controversy was huge," Yang Hyuk Suk was quoted as saying by Koreaboo. "Park Bom not only felt guilt and was stressed out because of that, but also because she wanted to continue with 2NE1 however she could. I told Park Bom '2NE1 is important, but I want you to be mentally and physically healthy.'"

He also expressed hopes of the girl group getting back together like S.E.S did. "If they do though, I don't think their break time will be as long as S.E.S's was," added Yang Hyuk Suk.