Korean pop singer Minzy.Facebook/Minzy

Former 2NE1 singer Minzy took to her Instagram page recently to hint that she was getting ready to release her first album as a solo artist by posting online a photograph of her with Canadian composer and music producer Steve Barakatt.

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"It was EPIC," she captioned the picture.


 @stevebarakatt It was EPIC

A photo posted by MINZY (@_minzy_mz) on Dec 26, 2016 at 5:52am PST

Minzy left YG Entertainment and 2NE1earlier this year and joined The Music Works in May 2016 to pursue a career as a solo artist. Although she is yet to release any new music under them, Minzy has been keeping herself busy with other projects, such as mentoring upcoming rookie group, MYTEEN, and with the promotion of Obedience, a documentary on an Ugandan village recovering from the effects of civil war.

Minzy's departure from 2NE1 caused quite a stir as reports swirling around at the time hinted at a strained relationship between the singer and her label. Reportedly, YG Entertainment was not supportive of her solo career and this is said to have caused tension between them. All other members of the group received support from the label as they pursued their other interests, be it acting or singing, but Minzy was sidelined.

In an Instagram post, Minzy's father too hinted at her label not being on the same page when he accused YG Entertainment of tweaking the truth about her departure. "If (YG Entertainment) continues misrepresentation (surrounding my daughter's departure) with a series of news articles defending themselves, I will hold a press conference," he said in a lengthy post that has since been deleted. "I wanted to keep this under wraps."