Director Krish aka Radhakrishna Jagarlamudi and Kangana Ranaut on Manikarnika set
Director Krish aka Radhakrishna Jagarlamudi and Kangana Ranaut on Manikarnika setTwitter

The controversy surrounding Manikarnika is getting a new twist with director Krish aka Radhakrishna Jagarlamudi leaking WhatsApp messages to slam Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli

In an interview, Krish alleged that he directed Manikarnika and made it gold. But Kangana Ranaut chopped off several scenes and made it look like silver. However, her sister Rangoli slammed him saying that Kangana has directed 70 per cent of the film and used 30 per cent of his portions.

Director Krish took to Twitter to hit back at Rangoli and alleged lies and manipulations. He tweeted on Wednesday, "I never thought I've to defend my ability of film making based on the manipulations and lies of one person. @Rangoli_A these messages were ur sister's words about me when I've questioned her about the credit and the damage she is doing to the movie."

Krish went on to leak WhatsApp messages of Vicky Jimmy with his permission and wrote, "The person who saw both d versions mentioned that Ive done 85% n now the techinican who worked on ground told this."

Vicky: Good morning sir, How are you. I saw Manikarnika yesterday, all the shoot u had done was the best of movie, rest what Kangna shot was just a completion of movie.) shot with kangna many days. It's all her marriage, mehandi, horse riding, saroj ji library song was done by her.

Krish: Hahaha.. awesome vicky sir Let's do something soon Can I please show ur message to public., of it is okay with you as U shot with both me and Kangana

Vicky: Of course yes sir no issue at all.its the public (me)view

Krish Jagarlamudi continued, "I'm confidently saying that everything Kangana has written on those whats app messages when I've questioned her, are complete lies and pre prepared, as she has foreseen that this day will come."

The director released the message of editor Sooraj and wrote, "This is from the editor who edited n later replaced.. the question is not about who shot how much., but its about proceess which everything has been done with ulterior motive n with a poor taste. Pls realise ur lies r making things worse"

Sooraj: I saw the film Manikarnika and I feel the film that was shot by You was a master piece and it was nearly 70-75% of the film that was shot by you and edited by us. It is so painful to see that a masterpiece is ruined and what has been given to the audience is not up to the mark. A film remains for lifetime and specially a film like Manikarnika: The queen of Jhansi where people know her history. The film has no graph and anything is happening. Earlier we had Tatya, Sadashiv Rao, Kashi, Ghulam Ghaus Khan, Peshwa, Gul Mohammed, Gangadhar surrounding the movie but the version that was shown to the public had no essence of these characters. Also Sadashiv's part (Sonu Sood) was brilliant and now it is just like a passing character. And the film grandeur shot what we created are in the film. So I cannot understand what 70-75% they shot. I had also mailed Kamal Jain and Zee studios asking if my edit version was used but I got no response and after seeing the film almost its the same edit only the reshoot has been added to it and for the matter of fact these guys dint even have the courtesy to give me a credit. and also I heard Kangana making a statement that the edit was a bhojpuri edit so what made them to use my edit

Krish Jagarlamudi released WhatsApp message of Natasha and wrote, "These r the future film makers I came out n spoke for, so that they wont face these humiliations.."

Natasha AD: Beautifully and created a masterpiece. But it is sad to see what actually has been given to the audience it is no where compared to what was shot by you Sir. The claim that Kangana makes that she shot nearly 75% of the film is false and on what basis she is saying that? When I saw the film it was 75% of your shoot. Also I read on Twitter today that Rangoli made a statement saying you pulled out everyone (coreteam) from the movie as you walked out... does she know what's the fact? How can she randomly put an allegation like that? I still remember out telephonic conversation where I was hell bent on not working with them and you told me to join them and support in which ever manner I can. It was you who still supported them despite of these guys playing games with you. I would just want to say that no matter what Sir.. we know what the fact is and we stand with you. And also just by coming on the set and shooting some patch work I wouldn't say it a direction. It is a process which starts from the basic pre production. It breaks my heart to see a wonderful movie getting ruined. The vision that you had for the film was far far better than what has been shown