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Critic Mahesh Kathi, who was a contestant on Bigg Boss Telugu season 1, has made a scathing attack on Kaushal and said that he is the most abusive and irrational guy on Bigg Boss Telugu 2.

Mahesh Kathi, who is reportedly staying in Vijayawada after being banned from entering Hyderabad, took to his Twitter page to express his views on Kaushal this morning. The film critic tweeted, "Most abusive and irrational guy on BB2 is Kaushal. Wish he wins BB2 and proves how idiotic we are. #BiggBossTelugu2"

The ex-contestant of Bigg Boss Telugu has apparently been watching the season 2 of the Star Maa's hit reality TV show, since its launch. Interestingly, he has only spoken about Kaushal and his posts have been mostly critical about the most popular contestant on the show. Telugu Bigg Boss 2 Memes and Trolls.

Mahesh Kathi‏ had tweeted on August 4 saying, "Kaushal is a cold blooded contestant..! He has an agency to support him by using fake votes.... don't fall for it #BiggBossTelugu2."

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On September 17, Mahesh Kathi‏ had requested the makers of the hit show to eliminate Kaushal. "Kaushal has lost it completely... pls someone throw him out of the house.. #BiggBossTelugu2"

On September 22, Mahesh Kathi‏ had tweeted, "Such a poor disgusting explanation by Kaushal... biggest facepalm ever in history of Telugu Bigg Boss.. #BiggBossTelugu2"

But Mahesh Kathi had shown his support clearly when the Kaushal Army got in a fight with Pawan Kalyan fans. In a series of tweets posted on September 1, the known Pawan Kalyan-basher and film critic‏ had said that the "Kaushal Army is bigger than the fanbase" of Pawan Kalyan. He tweeted, "Loving how #KaushalArmy bashing PK fans.. KAUSHAL ARMY >> PK Fans.."

Mahesh Kathi had continued, "#BiggBossTelugu2 Now PK fans are getting their own treatment.... #KaushalArmy is on rampage..! #BiggBossTelugu2 PK fans are targeting Kaushal but they don't know that kaushal has an army called #KaushalArmy .. pK fans are not just illiterate but they are worst.. #BiggBossTelugu2 Long live #KaushalArmy Kaushal has best qualities than PK... #BiggBossTelugu2"

Mahesh Kathi had also retweeted some of the comments and videos posted against Kaushal in the past. Here are some: