Fighting Isis – Only the Kurds walk the talk

Re: Isis: Mass graves containing bodies of 80 Yazidi women found in Sinjar

Only the Kurds really fight Isis. The others just talk and that includes the French and the Americans. They don't even give military help to the Kurds and, of course, they don't send troops on the ground. See you at the next Isis terror attack in NYC Paris or London!

Benny Yacobi

Noah's Ark or just a sham act?

Re: Creationist US group creating a real­life Noah's Ark; theme park to open in 2016 

In order for this to be a "real life" Noah's Ark it would have to be able to float on water and hold at least 7 living examples of every land­dwelling species on Earth. It would have to be staffed by no more than 8 people to take care of the animals' needs with no modern technology to help.
Let me know when THAT happens.
Until then, what we have here is a big building lying on its side that naive people are going to pay to see so they can say, "See, it's right out of the Bible! Obviously it's true and not just a myth!

John Grimes

Why it was good to smoke Charlie Sheen out

Re: HIV Hollywood scare: Why we should stop playing guessing game

According to what I've read, they have known for over a year since the Sony hacks, but chose not to run any articles on it out of respect for his privacy. What caused them to run the story now are the claims that this person has gone back to a promiscuous lifestyle. An adult star who hasn't been named (though she gave enough information to figure who she is out, which one site has printed her name) made the insinuations that there are women who legally cannot work in the adult industry anymore because the celebrity gave them HIV. It seems that these articles are being run because the celebrity is being considered a public health threat, and in some ways, possibly even a predator.

To end the guessing game, either the celebrity will need to out himself, or one of his victims (or even the woman who has been extorting him for $13,000 a month, allegedly to keep her quiet) will need to out him. The second they do, this celebrity can sue them. He's supposedly worth half a billion dollars. You can see why women are afraid to come forward and go against the lawyers he can buy.

Of course the tabloids are scum. Of course they are getting a ton of money and a ton of readers by not naming him. But they also legally can't until one of the sources is willing to do so on the record (believe me, there's more than one source at play if you care to spend the time reading all the known information). They could just not run the story, yes, and in 99% of instances, they should respect the privacy of an HIV victim. But in this case, the implication is clear that lives very well could be on the line.

Nicholas Jeremy Boss

Bring Huccha Venkat back on show

Re: 'Bigg Boss 3' Kannada: Huccha Venkat evicted from Sudeep's show for beating up Ravi Mooruru [VIDEO]

I request the Bigg boss show runners to you to bring back Huccha Venkat, who is real, innocent and humane. Kindly understand the background why he did what he did and I hope you know will understand. Give him a one-time warning and bring him back on the show.

krishna gowrapura

Prince, grow up and act like an adult

Re: 'Bigg Boss 9': Mandana Karimi accuses Prince Narula of touching her improperly; Viewers react on Twitter

Prince needs to grow up and act like an adult. Prince got defeated in a couple of tasks in Bigg Boss. He chose not to participate in a task against Rishab because he was worried about losing. Prince talks about how he loves participating in tasks yet he backed off from a task over something so small. Prince dude, stop behaving like a child and act like a man. You're so dumb, narrow-minded and disrespectful, you took Mandana's clothes and threw it away when Mandana never touched your clothes. Pick on someone your size. How disrespectful!

 Kiran Sharma

Why Congress wants to keep them low

Re: Foreign investors meet Rahul Gandhi to know GOP's stand on reforms

Rahul, who is dull and uncaring, wants to be prime minister and he and his Italian mamma know that only poor, ill-informed and illiterate Indians will vote for them and they will therefore prevent economic reforms, including GST.

H K Datta

Deafening silence

Re: British Muslims take out ads in national papers to condemn Paris attacks

"The advert aims to highlight how Muslims everywhere have consistently and without reservation spoken out against terror." Yeah, if they're asked by somebody with a microphone and TV camera otherwise, their silence has been deafening.

Ed Grimley

Why ties with Pakistan which shields terrorists?

Re: Dawood Ibrahim is in Pakistan, says Chhota Rajan who may be brought to India on Tuesday

If the Indian government cannot locate Dawood for 20 years, it is impossible to nab him. Although India knows Pakistan is protecting wanted terrorists, India still wants diplomatic relations with Pakistan. How funny!
Chandra Gudigar

Launch Duster Facelift automatic for Diwali season

Re: Scoop: Renault Duster facelift to be launched in February 2016, automatic in May

Renault should launch Facelift Duster Automatic in November itself for Diwali, as most of the sales happen during this festive season and to steal a march over competitors. Also, any delay in launching of Automatic will be a disaster as it will erode the Duster craze.

Kavil J Medicne

No surprise that Milan and Ranveer are brothers

Re: 'Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi': Milan's motive behind ruining Ranveer's life revealed [VIDEO]

Anyone who follows the serial will know about Milan being Ranveer's brother. There were a whole lot of hints. So this isn't news to us.

Shagun C

Torrents seems to have a new official site

Re: YIFY (YTS) shutdown: Five best alternatives including The Pirate Bay, Torrentz to fill the void seems to be the new official yify web site for Torrents. The difference with this site is, there is no 1080p and 720p but only one version of the files, the 720p version. Go see yourself :o)

Audrey Poulet Roujat

Internet-addicted schoolchildren will be less sociable

Re: Traditional classroom-teacher method better than online schooling, says report

Regular school kids will have some reason to believe they are part of the human race and will adjust to other kids and people but not the "online-kids" who will never be able to socialise.


What an example for the world outside!

Re: 'Bigg Boss 9': Kishwer Merchantt spits in Mandana Karimi's food; Rishabh Sinha tortures Digangana Suryavanshi

I strongly criticise Kishwar for spitting in the drinking water of Rishab. And on the top of it she gave the water to the boy and he drank it. This is too much. She is a disgrace to BB9 and to India for that matter. How can she let him drink that water? And she, of all things, was teaching manners to Aman. I think Aman is much better than her.

Housemates should understand that this show is watched globally and this is the message you give the outside world. Kishwar has brought disgrace to the whole hospitality sector which works very hard for their guests. I do not want to see Kishwar anymore. And also what Rishabh did with her was right after what she did to him. She did the opposite of what we always say: "Pani pilana punya ka kaam hota hai."

Richa Sharda

What a show of cricket talent it will be in US!

Re: Sachin Tendulkar vs Shane Warne All-Star series: Complete list of players for three-match T20 series

The talent listed above is astonishing. I was blessed to have watched all these stars and relish the contest of line and length between McGrath and Pollock and the the batting of Lance "Zulu" Klusener the greatest finisher of all time.

Sibusiso Simanga

BJP shows overconfidence in Gujarat

Re: Gujarat: 2 BJP leaders shot dead in Bharuch ahead of civic polls

It is a horrible incident and I condemn it strongly. Now BJP will have to answer for the law and order situation to its own partymen, own police and own Prime Minister. Let's see how fast the BJP-led government cracks the case and whom they will blame.

They always crib it's UP or Kerala or Karnataka where all crimes take place and it's Ramrajya everywhere BJP is in power, especially Gujarat. If this incident is politically motivated and BJP blames Congress or some fringe elements, God save BJP workers across the country.

Chitra Ahluwalia

ISIS couldn't have downed the Russian plane

Re: Was Russian plane shot down by Isis in Egypt? Conspiracy theories arise after aircraft crashes in Sinai

It could well have been the US revenge for the stand-off in Black Sea as ISIS on its own can't down a plane at 30,000 feet. A guided missile fired from Israel, a US ally, may be a possibility. Even if the ISIS claims to have shot down the plane, it should not be taken at face value.

ISIS is following the legacy of Al Qaida and LeT, the groups brought up, trained and armed by the US for war against Russia in Afghanistan, then forsaken after reaching their ultimate goal. Where does ISIS get arms and ammunition? It is clear they are in the proxy war. Who is going to benefit is anybody's guess.

Shazir Waseem

It's not anti-Hindu to eat beef

Re: Beef ban: States where cow slaughter is legal and illegal

There is a common misconception that eating non-veg food or beef is forbidden in Hindu scriptures. The supreme Hindu scripture Srimad Bhagavatam written by A C Bhaktivedanta Swamy Prabhupada of Iskcon clearly mentions in Canto 6 Ch 1 txt 9 'Jeevo Jeevasya Jeevanam' (one living entity is food for another) and further states four-legged animals like deer and goats as well as food grains are meant to be the food of human beings.

As per science grass-fed beef is superlative nutritious food. It is the job of a nutritionist to decide diet, not the government. Sentiments and superstitions are personal and should not be taken seriously. The beef ban will not only deprive humans of healthy food but also harm the economy.

Molugu V Sreenivasulu

Act on crime prevention with deterrents

Re: Conviction rate low as Delhi sex crimes hit 15-year high, says DCW

Investigation, sensitivity towards the victim, medical and psychological help, prompt FIRs, prompt court hearings and definite conviction are very essential. But prevention is still the best.
It's easy to find fault and criticise. If there has to be round-the-clock patrolling, the current strength of police will not do. Perhaps the government should consider hiring ex-servicemen and training more women constables.

Viraj Pradhan 

Vikalp will help ticket sales in the black market

Re: Vikalp scheme: Waitlisted passengers to get confirmed tickets on alternate train

This Vikalp quota will not be successful because passenger will get the confirmed ticket only in trains which are always late and not convenient. Once the alternate accommodation is allotted, passengers who do not want to travel in that train will file the TDR and the TTE will sell the berths.

Ujjawal Srivastava

Will miss YTS. It was the best

Re: YIFY (YTS) shutdown: Five best alternatives including The Pirate Bay, Torrentz to fill the void

Well as you all know these other sites are less than average in quality, file format and virus protection, compared to YTS. I never had a doubt when I downloaded a Torrent. But in others, I get poor video or sound quality, They don't tell you it's a cam, or that it has subtitles added in another language, or that there's a virus attached to the file you are downloading!!

Terry LaRocque

Sharing Ludhianvi article

Re: "Bollywood forgets Sahir Ludhianvi" in Voices (Oct 27). Zillion thanks for a timely write up. We are sharing it on our group and page maintained in memory of Sahir sahib, namely Sahir Ludhianvi Genius Global Research Council/Facebook.

Salman Abid

Free Hardik Patel
Re: "Modi UK visit: Cambridge scholars want his invitation to the varsity scrapped" of October 23. The government cannot try to suppress voice of millions by fear and excessive use of police force on peacefully protesting innocent citizens. How long will they not grant permission to protest in this free democratic India? Civil liberties and basic human rights of all Indian citizens must be respected!

Robbie Peters

Both evenly cameras match
Re: "Lenovo A6000 Shot vs Asus Zenfone 2 Laser: Which phone has a better camera at Rs. 9,999?" (Oct 21)
Both phones come with a great camera quality. Lenovo A6000 Shot is equipped with 13MP autofocus camera with digital zoom. The camera features LED flash which helps to click pictures in low light long with High Dynamic Range mode (HDR). For selfie lovers, the mobile is stacked with a 5MP camera. While the Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL comes with a 13MP rear camera with a large lens and a dual LED real tone flash. The front camera of the phone has 5MP which capable to take great selfies and record high resolution videos. For a better understanding you can compare the phones at

Santosh Satya