"Bigg Boss 9" witnessed a lot of action and reaction from contestants on Day 31 as Mandana Karimi accused Prince Narula of misbehaving with her and touching her improperly during the "Highway Task".

The brawl started when Mandana, with other contestants of Team A (consisting Rochelle Rao, Digangana Suryavanshi, Aman Verma and Rishabh Sinha), was doing the "Highway Task".

The task for the team was to sit on a rickshaw, and while one of them pedalled it, members of the opposing team (of which Prince was a part) would try to bring them down without touching them.

Mandana said Prince pulled her dress from the back, got his hand inside her top and dropped some food inside her clothes in his attempt to bring her down from the rickshaw.

While, she immediately warned Prince not to touch her and he backed off, the issue was again raised in the "Bigg Boss 9" house after the task.

While talking to her team members inside the house, Mandana said Prince got his hand inside her top and touched her back during the task, and that was not proper.

Prince soon came to know about the allegation and denied it outright. There was a heated exchange of words between the two in front of other contestants.

Meanwhile, "Bigg Boss 9" viewers reacted on the issue and slammed Prince on Twitter.