Huccha Venkat has been evicted midway after he beat up Ravi Mooruru on the show! The shocking incident occured while Kiccha Sudeep was having a conversation with the the singer.

He was angry at a comment passed by Ravi Mooruru recently about his fans and he waited for the right time for the retaliation. It appears like Venkat had planned well in advance to manhandle Mooruru on Sudeep's weekend special show.

The timely intervention of Rehman, Chandan and others prevented much damage for Ravi Mooruru. It is for the first time in "Bigg Boss" Kannada show that such an incident has occurred and this has come as a big shock for the Kannada television audience.

Sudeep condemned Huccha Venkat in strong words and showed him the door. Later, Rehman, before Venkat left the house, picked the fight with him for attacking Ravi Mooruru. 

Ravi Mooruru and Huccha Venkat have not been in good terms for quite some time now. In fact, on one occasion, Venkat had threatened to beat up Mooruru once they are out of the "Bigg Boss" house. Even while Sudeep was having the conversation post the incident, Venkat threatened Mooruru of dire consequences.

It may also be recalled that a few days ago, Ravi Mooruru had lashed out at Huccha Venkat when he did not take part in a task. On the other end, Sudeep has been appreciated the way he handled the situation and the gesture he showed towards Ravi's family.

Meanwhile, the actor-producer's sister and friends have tried to defend him on the same channel. Huccha Venkat's fans have started protesting the Sudeep's decision to send him out of the show. Even on the social networking sites, Huccha Venkat's fans have come in support of him. Below, find their tweet reactions over the shocking development also find video of the incident:

Darshan J Shetty tweeted
@araga_m haha...yeah!! All were thinking he only talks. Innu yellaru silent agi bala madichi moole alli kutkoltare. #BBK3

Avinav Beloor wrote
Technically they should have thrown Akul Balaji out for thrashing Adi Lokesh in Season 2. #BBK3 #BringBackAnna @TrollHaiklu @ColorsKannadaTV

Datt posted
No fun in watching #BBK3 now. #AnnaHumiliated #HVS

*Not That Sachin* tweeted
@darshanjshetty @darshanjshetty They were taking advantage of his silence. Now if Anna goes inside again, ella mucchkond irtare..#BBK3

NammaAdda wrote
Bigboss aache kalsid tatkshana anna roadig baralla.. Awrappa kotyadhipathi... Inmele Bigboss annan fans yakda nu nodalla...

Lord Lavanga Das tweeted
Man handling gu ready antha helidda Ravi ne yeno provoke madirthanne.

*Not That Sachin* ‏wrote
A big NO to big boss from now onwards... #hucchavenkat #BBK3

Akshay kumar posted
Okay... @ColorsKannadaTV really? Huccha venkat out.. Seriously? That means watching #bbk3 for me ends now...

Raghavendra Swamy ‏posted
#HucchaVenkat has been a complete entertainment package in #BBK3, but will miss show by tomo..! Rahman seems overreacted, Anand winning fav.