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After Simran writer Apurva Asarni, Bollywood filmmaker Pooja Bhatt has spoken about the fight between director Krish and actress Kangana Ranaut and condemned the makers of Manikarnika.

Kangana Ranaut has often made headlines over her fights with some celebs in the B-Town. Now, she is back in the news for the same reason.

Director Krish has alleged that the makers of Manikarnika have not given him due credit. He claimed that he directed the complete movie, but the actress reshot some portions and took major credit for the movie. His allegations have been creating ripples in the media.

While most of the people in B-Town chose to remain silent, Pooja Bhatt dared to speak up on the issue. She retweeted Faridoon Shahryar's interview with Krish and wrote, "This is so wrong... on every level... this is not the industry I was born to and not the industry I wish to inherit. Eventually it is credit we work for... money comes & money goes... the first rule of filmmaking is to acknowledge people's contribution."

Apurva Asarni, who penned the script for Simran, had met a similar fate of Krish. He was upset with the B-Town people including Hansal Mehta, who directed Simran, for not supporting and getting him justice. Responding to Pooja Bhatt, he tweeted, "Thankyou for finally acknowledging this. I had yearned for your support when she did this to me 2 years ago too. But still, I'm happy to see this condemnation from you."

Apurva Asarni went on to allege that Kangana Ranaut is playing a brutal game. The scriptwriter tweeted, "Her game is brutal. She first plays the victim & wins your trust. You give your all, sacrifice all other work, because she seems lovely. Then when you're ready with a film you nurtured/created, she has you thrown out. Then she uses the press & trolls to character assasinate you."

Responding to Apurva, Pooja Bhatt revealed why she could not speak up on his issue. The filmmaker tweeted, "Am sorry if it seemed like I was being reticent with regards to my support then. The details of that situation, even though spelt out by all seemed murky to me which is why I didn't jump in. Though I always maintained that Hansal's silence felt odd & rather unjust."