Kangana Ranaut in Manikarnika and Simran
Kangana Ranaut in Manikarnika and SimranCollage of photos taken from Twitter and Facebook

After director Krish, Apurva Asrani, who penned script for the Hindi movie Simran, has attacked actress Kangana Ranaut and alleged that the insecure actress forced him to delete other actors' dialogues in the film.

Post the release of Manikarnika, director Krish had alleged that Kangana Ranaut had forced him to walk out of the movie and turned his golden work into silver. His allegations are creating a lot of buzz in the media. Amid these reports, Apurva Asrani took to his Twitter handle to share his plight about how Kangana Ranaut had shared credit for the script of Simran, which hit the screens on 2017.

Apurva Asrani retweeted Krish's interview with Faridoon Shahryar and addressed the director. He wrote, "Whats going to hurt more brother Krish is that she will run a vicious smear campaign to destroy your credibility. And worse, a large section of the media, esp the pseudo feminists, will ignore your story like they did when Ketan Mehta & then I claimed she hijacked our films. Sad."

Continuing his tirade against Kangana Ranaut, Apurva Asrani tweeted, "Director #Krish exposes how #KanganRanaut hijacked #Manikarnika. This is exactly what she did on Simran too. Waited for me to complete the cut (minus patchwork), told me how much she loved it, then had me thrown out by coluding wth producer-before she went onto screw up the film."

Apurva Asrani added, "This is painful, yet cathartic. I wrote #Simran with a passion similar to the man in the video. But an insecure #KanganaRanaut started deleting other actors lines on set & made it about her. Krish explains in frustration how she cut out historical characters from #Manikarnika too."

Meanwhile, Apurva expressed his displeasure over Simran director's stand. He tweeted, "Hansal Mehta, THIS is the mindfuck you & Kangana put me through on Simran which led me to a breakdown. If you had the courage to stand up then, we could have weathered many more storms together. I salute Krish's courage & goodness, especially when he talks of his team. #catharsis"

But Krish and Apurva's allegations did not go down well with some feminists, who condemned them. Upala KBR tweeted, "Why talk after the movie has released slamming the person who has taken over 2 direct the film? Have an issue? Talk when its happening & sort it out & not after when the film has been appreciated, loved & is successful @ d BO. Its not easy to direct a grand drama midway #MyTake"

Apurva Asrani responded to Upala in a series of tweets and denied her claims. He wrote, "Really Upala? When I talked before the release of Simran, I was accused of causing the film trouble. When Ketan Mehta spoke after she launched the film he had nurtured, he was called an opportunist. There's no way we can win against this vicious wave of pseudo feminism, can we??"

Apurva Asrani added, "And please, you & I both know, the film is not a success. It has not even recovered a 3rd of its budget, let alone make money. The media is creating fake smokescreens like 'first film where a woman has worn a corset to make 40 crores' and other such BS. The real success is URI."