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The four men were trying to harass a young couple on the Lake Gardens flyover. [Representational Image]Reuters

Ministers and their children often make headlines for their high handedness, especially in road rage incidents. But, what this Kolkata minister's son did has come as a breath of fresh air.

Minister's son and his friend saves couple from harassment

The son of a south Kolkata minister, whose name has not been released yet, and his friend Sudipta Sankar Bhaduri, saved a young couple from being harassed by four men who were trying to molest the woman.

The incident took place late on Thursday night (July 19), when the young couple was riding a bike on Lake Gardens flyover. According to the Bhaduri, their car, which had a beacon-fitted on top of it had also taken the flyover when they noticed the couple being chased by four other men on two bikes.

The couple was ahead of their car and the four perpetrators overtook the four-wheeler and started harassing them. Two men were trying to touch the woman, while the third man on the other bike was drinking alcohol.

"We began chasing the bikes. The girl seemed helpless and the youth tried to speed ahead to escape the four. We sped ahead and stopped our car in front of the bikes on the Lake Gardens Flyover blocking the path of the accused and asked them the reason behind chasing the couple," The Times of India quoted Bhaduri as saying.

This did not go down well with the accused men and they started arguing with Bhaduri and the minister's son.

"Kaku apnar problem ki? Chupchap bari jaan (uncle what's your problem. Go home without making much noise)" one the accused replied. It was then that woman ran toward the car of the minister's son and told them about their ordeal.

The accused men fled the scene on spotting a beacon on top of the car. (Representational Image)Wikimedia Commons

Minister's son calls for police help

The Kolkata minister's son threatened to call the cops and even started honking in order to draw the attention of a few other policemen, who were standing at an outpost a few metres away.

"That is when one of the youths possibly noticed the beacon of our car and realised the cops had also started approaching us. They quickly took a U-turn and sped towards Southern Avenue," added Bhaduri, reported the news daily.

Bhaduri, who is a businessman, said that the accused men fled the spot before they could note down the registration numbers. It is also not known whether a police complaint has been filed.