Kaushal is the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 2
Kaushal is the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 2Snapshot of Hot Star video

In a surprising development, actor Kaushal Manda, who is the winner of hit reality TV show Bigg Boss Telugu 2, has called off the committee and heads of Kaushal Army Foundation (KAF) after allegations.

Kaushal Manda is a model and actor, who has featured in several movies and TV shows and serial. But he rose to fame with his stint inside the house of Bigg Boss Telugu, which earned him massive fan following. His fans, who were organized under Kaushal Army made him win the show with a historical amount of votes. After coming out of the house, he started Kaushal Army Foundation to do charity.

In February 2019, a few members accused Kaushal Manda of fraudulent actions in the name of KAF. They alleged that he misused funds in the name of his Army Foundation. They also all claimed they were targeted by him for questioning his activities. But he denied their charges and stated that they were expelled on account of misconduct towards women. Hence they were making these allegations.

Kaushal Manda held a press meet to clear the air surrounding KAF. He also tweeted on February 28, "I want to call an end to all the allegations by the end of this day.Anyone who wants to talk can converse directly with me instead of sending cowardly messages and comments my way.I would be available at Mahaa news through the entire day,Thanks to all the supporters #mahaanews"

Days after holding a press meet, Kaushal Manda took to his Twitter and Instagram account to make an announcement about a serious decision. He revealed that Kaushal Army heads and Kaushal Army Foundation Committee were called off.

Kaushal Manda Twitter and Instagram post
Screenshots of Kaushal Manda Twitter and Instagram post

Kaushal wrote, "As of now, Kaushal Army heads and Kaushal Army Foundation Committee is being called off. All the state and national committees are being closed. We would assign new members after proper evaluation. After verifying each member personally, new members and committee would be assigned. Until then, KAF committee is closed. However, anyone who encouraged and supported would always remain part of the Army. Thank you!"

While many of his fans appreciated his decision, others mocked and trolled Kaushal. A guy named Majili‏ (@AkhilTwetz) replied to his post, "The end is over...there is no new beginnings for your army. If you want to help poor and needy...do it with other available foundations that are real. Stop faking your life more and more."