Salman Khan, Sunil Grover, Kapil Sharma
Salman Khan, Sunil Grover, Kapil SharmaTwitter

The Kapil Sharma Show has remained among the top 10 TV shows on Indian television ever since it went on air in December last year. And the viewers, not even for a single day, have stopped craving to see Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover bury the hatchet and perform together on the stage. And guess what, it looks like the show's producer Salman Khan has already done his bit to reunite Kapil and Sunil once again on the small screen.

Recently, Kapil and Sunil had come under same roof at Sohail Khan's house party. According to reports, the two did greet each other but kept distance. And by the time Salman had gone to greet Sunil, Kapil had left the venue.

There's no denying the fact that both Kapil and Sunil have been closely associated with Salman and it is highly unlikely that any one of them would say no to Salman's request.

Salman has been trying to bring Sunil and Kapil together for a long time and it looks like he has finally been able to convince Sunil to share stage with Kapil on The Kapil Sharma Show. And not just that, Salman will apparently make the two comedians work together to take the comedy show a notch higher.

"Salman wanted Sunil Grover back on The Kapil Sharma Show so that it could go a notch higher. He has a way with his co-stars and the people he works with cannot refuse him for the man he is. Not only will he be getting Sunil along to promote Bharat on The Kapil Sharma Show but he will also be getting them to work again. It has not been an easy process considering the kind of issues Sunil and Kapil have had. While Kapil is keen to get Sunil back, Sunil has not been too keen to come back because his film career also saw an upsurge post his exit from the show," a source was quoted as saying by The Asian Age. 

On a related note, Salman Khan along with the channel are waiting for matters to calm down so that they can bring Navjot Singh Sidhu back on the show as the co-host. The channel has reportedly asked Kapil Sharma and his team refrain from commenting on the controversy. Currently, Archana Puran Singh has been made to sit on Sidhu's chair as his temporary replacement.