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Following the uproar against Navjot Singh Sidhu over his remark on the Pulwama attack, people on social media had started trending hashtags like '#BoycottSidhu', '#BoycottKapilSharmaShow' and '#UnsubscribeSonyTV' as a sign of protest to remove him from The Kapil Sharma Show. But when Kapil Sharma strongly reacted on the matter saying that to these social media campaigns are digressing the attention of the youth from the main topic, the comedian wasn't spared either.

Soon people started trending '#BoycottKapilSharma' but this hate campaign against Kapil wasn't just distasteful and disrespectful towards the comedian but also demoralising as well. Actress Kavita Kaushik of FIR fame too urged to stop making judgements and fighting amongst each other.

Put forward a pertinent viewpoint over the issue on Twitter, Kavita expressed her concerns those people who are leading this hate campaign against Kapil who even after going through an emotional turmoil in his personal life came back on television to make people laugh once again. She tried to remind them of how they are blowing the entire matter out of proportion. She also urged people to atleast listen and understand to what Kapil is saying and requested them to not punish him for his loyalty. 

Read Kavita Kaushik's full-unedited Twitter post here:

"Jiss Kapil sharma ne apni personal life mei rotey hue bhi tv pe Rae fans ko hasaaya ..aaj aap uski baat ka, lehze ka galat matlab nikaal rahe hain ? He was already a billionaire before his controversy he could have married a hot blonde n settled abroad but he chose his childhood loyalty to marry and came back to please his indian fans with his indian collocial rural humour with his new show ! At least try and understand what he is saying ! Pakistan will be laughing at us right now for boycotting our nation humour Jewel because he won't throw out an important member of the team because of his political views, it's the government and our brilliant army's decision of what call to take in such serious matters and we are nobody to make judgments sitting on our couches with our diseased gadgets in our hands ! Aapas me Mat lado, please #DontBoycottLoyalty."

While Kapil has taken a firm stand against sacking of Sidhu from The Kapil Sharma Show, Sumona Chakravarti, Bharti Singh, Archana Puran Singh and even Sidhu is clueless about being replaced on the comedy show.

It remains to be seen if Sony TV would make a harsh move to sack Navjot Singh Sidhu permanently after getting trapped under the debris of the amounting pressure on social media.