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Kapil Sharma has been in the news since he sent out abusive tweets against journalist Vickey Lalwani accusing him of spreading negativity and false news about him last week. His fans, including Bollywood celebrities, were shocked to see his obnoxious side, but the comedian was unapologetic and had said that he was completely aware of what he was doing.

The Family Time With Kapil Sharma host has now distanced himself away from the media. Many people on social media had started shaming Kapil without trying to find out what instigated him to act in such manner after the journalist in question released an audio tape which he claimed was a telephonic recording of his conversation with the comedian.

Speaking in support of Kapil, Subhash K Jha, a Mumbai-based entertainment journalist, has said that the comedian is a vulnerable man who is unequipped to handle the superstardom.

"No one cares to see the pain that Kapil is going through. They only see the rude, obnoxious and abusive tweets he had sent out to a journalist last week. If only they would see the provocation behind these unsavory outbursts of truancy, they would understand him better. No, it is not arrogance. It's just the opposite. Kapil is an extremely vulnerable man who was unequipped to handle the superstardom that hit him, and Indian television, like a meteor. We didn't see it coming. Neither did he," Subhash K Jha wrote in his column.

When Jha spoke to Kapil after the fateful Friday, the comedian reportedly revealed some shocking details about the incident. Though the scribe refused to disclose details about his conversation with the comedian, he revealed that Kapil is very much hurt by the betrayals that he has gone through in the past few years.

"How would you respond if you went through the same things? Wouldn't you be angry? We all have our way of expressing anger. I do it with gaalis," Kapil was quoted as saying in Jha's column.

Jha also admitted the fact that Kapil doesn't know how to handle the success he has achieved over the past few years. "I've known him before he became a big star and he has never been anything less than warm and affectionate and seemingly vulnerable -- sharing with me his inner-most fears and insecurities," he said.

"I truly believe Kapil is a good human being. Simple, straightforward, he always tells it like it is. The deep connect with the masses is not a put-on. With him, what you see is what you get. You won't find him mincing words," he added.

Kapil is on heavy medication and has reportedly been taking almost 23 pills a day. His former colleague Chandan Prabhakar also confirmed the reports about his health and said, "Kapil is not well. Hence, the shooting is currently stalled. I met him recently, he is on medicines and taking rest."

Meanwhile, his comeback comedy game show Family Time With Kapil Sharma has been suspended by the channel for the whole of April due to the frequent cancellation of shoots and Kapil's ill health.