Neha Gowda is the latest victim of fake news stories that are frequently spread by  a news apps and YouTube channels these days. It was falsely reported that she had given birth to a baby girl in California.

Neha Gowda
Neha Gowda upset with the reports which claimed she gave birth to a baby girl.Neha Gowda Instagram Account

Neha Gowda Slams
She has shared the screenshot of one such fake report and thanked fans for bringing it to her notice. Neha Gowda wrote, "I thank my fans for letting me know of the fake spread article about me. When such articles roll out and get active just because of some random news about someone which is not true I really feel devastated. I don't know why they write something like that which isn't true just to make their notes viral."

The actress questioned the writers of such stories whether they would fabricate such news if it was related to their family members. "I genuinely request ppl holding the pen to be a little generous and ask to themselves once, WOULD I BE WRITING THIS NOTE IF IT WAS MY SISTER, MY MOTHER, MY BEST FRIEND or, MY OWNSELF. [sic]" the 29-year old added.

The former Bigg Boss Kannada contestant ended with a request to the people from the media to contact her for any clarification. "Just this thought will change the way it writes.
Once again, I request this to be mellowed down.
you never know who would lose his/her life when something fake goes viral. Thoughts are sometimes dangerous to put someone into trouble and we have seen a lot of cases already.
Let us all put in efforts to live and let live.
I have always encouraged media writers when they have approached me. please contact me in the future and I will be happy to give out genuine content. " the actress claims.

Neha Gowda
Neha Gowda.PR Handout

Tejaswini Prakash's Death Hoax
Recently, a fake report was doing rounds claiming that Kannada TV actress Tejaswini Prakash died at a young age. She had lashed out at those fake reports.

Neha Gowda, who became a household name with Lakshmi Baramma serial, is married to Chandan Gowda. They tied the knot in 2018. He returned from the US in March and was on self-isolation.