Life at times throws unexpected challenges and definitely not a bed of roses. Not every time things will go according to our plans and one should be ready to adapt to changing situations for survival.

Tamil filmmaker
Tamil filmmaker Anand.PR Handout

The lockdown due to coronavirus has made the global economy upside down. Every country is affected by this deadly pandemic and India is not an exception. From daily wagers to middle-class, it has impacted everyone's lives.

Especially, film industry is badly hit by the lockdown. Apart from a stars and big filmmakers, the majority is affected by this situation. And here is one positive story of a director, who, instead of blaming his fate or the government, has become a role model.

Well, director Anand, who has no big hit movies to his credit, has opened a grocery shop in a bid to help to the people in need. He has opened a shop named Babu Stores in Mugalivakkam, a neighbourhood of Chennai, and sells the essential items at a fair price.

His Movies
Anand has directed films like Mouna Mazhai, Oru Mazhai Naangu Saral and Thunindhu Sei. Since his Naanum Pei Thaan is delayed due to the coronavirus lockdown, he decided to open the shop.

The pictures of his shop have now gone viral on social media.

Tamil Nadu is one of the worst-hit states in India in terms of Covid-19 cases and deaths. The coronavirus cases is inching towards 60,000.