The death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput has kicked-off nepotism debate again. Many celebrities have spoken about the issue, thereby throwing light at how powerful few are controlling the Hindi film industry.

Vidya Pradeep
Vidya Pradeep talks about her journey and struggles in the film industry.Vidya Pradeep Facebook

Now, Tamil actress Vidya Pradeep's latest post gives an idea about the difficulties faced by newcomers in the film industry. The actress reveals that she was thrown out of six movies back-to-back for unprofessional reasons.

Lost 6 Movies in a Row
The actress was "heartbroken" and decided to quit the film industry, but the opportunity from director Magizh Thirumeni to work in Thadam gave new hope for her to fight back for her survival in the film industry.

Vidya Pradeep praises the director for bringing out the best in her. The 24-year old also opens up on the hardship that every aspiring actor without Godfather should face in the glitz and glamour world.

Her Struggles Explained
The Pasanga 2 actress claims that people can survive if they are willing to work hard. Check out the complete text that she wrote on her Instagram account:

Before Thadam, there was a phase in my life when I had to walk out or replaced in six projects which I had signed, one after the other for very unprofessional reasons. I was heartbroken. Then I thought might be movie is not my cup of tea and just started focusing on my studies. Then one fine day casting director Sruthi called me and asked whether I can meet Director Magizh sir at the movie office for a movie titled "Thadam".

"From the above mentioned experiences I was hesitant in investing my time and energy behind the process. Again Sruthi called around midnight and insisted that I meet the director next day for audition. This time I reached the movie office without any expectations. Then I met Magizh sir. He mentioned that they were auditioning for the last few months because it is an intense character and this character is the core of the movie. Sir appreciated that my eyes are very powerful. The team didn't confirm me but after speaking to Magizh sir for a brief time about the character I had a positive intuition.

Then after the look test I was confirmed for the role. I still remember the first day shoot when I reached location I was totally blank. The uniform was very much new to me and I felt a little strange and doubtful whether I can perform the role of a cop convincingly. Shooting with director Magizh sir was the best experience I ever had. He is a kind of director which every actor would love to work. He was very kind and extremely professional. Sir used to encourage me after every good shot saying that "you are magic". Sir knows how to bring the best out of an actor with affection and respect....(continued in next comment)

Vidya Pradeep
Vidya Pradeep.Vidya Pradeep Facebook

Thadam restored my faith in the system of movie making . This also gave me a hope that you can still survive in the industry with your talent alone. There exists good film makers who look only for talent in an artist. But self made actors like me who don't have a Godfather or recommendations or anybody to refer, should be prepared to face extreme hardships. You could be avoided, ignored or not even considered as an artist certain times because you don't follow the 'norms'."

"But that's okay you can still survive if you believe in yourself and willing to work hard. At the end of the day you can be super proud of your smallest achievements because you earned that all by yourself because nothing was given free or in return. Also there is nothing more precious than living a life true to your conscience."

Hero ArunVijay was extremely warm and full of energy. He makes his co artists so comfortable on sets. Very hardworking and kind. Thank you Redhan Cinemas Producer Inder sir for being so good to me. Grateful. Thank you Dop Gopinath Sir, Devan Sir, Sruthi (castings), Mohan Sir, Raja Sir, all ADs and the entire team. It was a pleasure working with sweethearts Tanya and Smruthi.
#VidyaPradeep #Thadam. [sic]"

On the work front, Vidya Pradeep has a few interesting projects in her kitty. Notably, she is part of Kangana Ranaut's much-hyped upcoming film Thalaivi.