Arun Vijay in Thadam.PR Handout

Arun Vijay's Thadam is releasing on Friday, March 1, after getting highly positive reviews from the critics. It is an action thriller, directed by Magizh Thirumeni in which Tanya Hope plays the female lead.

The story of Thadam is about identical twins with different lifestyles and tastes. Ezhil (Arun Vijay) is a civil engineer by profession. He belongs to upper middle-class and leads a peaceful life. He is in love with Deepika (Tanya Hope) and plans to marry her. On the other side, Ezhil's twin brother Kavin (Arjun Vijay) is a small-time thief, but a street-smart man who understands the loopholes in the legal system.

At a crucial juncture, Ezhil is arrested over the murder of a youth and a cop tries to use this opportunity to settle his personal score with the accused. However, the story takes an interesting twist after his identical brother Kavan too lands in the same police station over another case. What follows next should be seen on-screen.

Arjun Vijay's performance and the tight narration have been hailed by the critics. Check out select-few comments posted by those who watched the movie at a special screening.

Rajasekar: #Thadam - #MagizhThirumeni - @arunvijayno1 (dual role for the first time) combo has once again delivered a quality thriller with twists and turns which keep you guessing until the climax. Neatly done! Film based on a real story.

sridevi sreedhar: Watched #Thadam A gripping, edge-of-the-seat crime thriller with awesome twists and turns A big round of applause to the entire team

Ramesh Bala: #Thadam [3/5] : A riveting thriller.. Intelligently written screen play..
@arunvijayno1 has excelled in dual roles.. Contrasting characters.. He has pulled it off convincingly..
Dir #MagizhThirumeni has written a clever thriller.. Keeps u guessing till the end..
Go for it!
#Thadam 1st Half: Interesting so far.. @arunvijayno1 in contrasting dual role.. Is fantastic..
Screenplay is cleverly written.. Peaks near the interval point..
Looking forward to the 2nd half..

Sidhu: #Thadam: Tense and clever. @arunvijayno1 and #MagizhThirumeni deliver an investigative drama that makes you play the guessing game in full. Second half packs in a good load of brainy sequences with twists rolling out at the end. Engaging throughout!
#Thadam: The film is made out of its writing. Magizh proves his mettle from the 40th minute onwards with a cleanly knit screenplay that doesn't have too many deviations. It's the intricate detailing that makes it stand out from the usual thrillers we get to see.

Haricharan Pudipeddi: #Thadam - A decent but riveting thriller that's powered by a very strong core idea. @arunvijayno1 in dual roles is a revelation, and Magizh Thirumeni continues to shine as a filmmaker with his unique style.

Shalini: #Thadam it's brilliant story and intellectual screenplay. Packed with suspenses and matured romantic scenes .overall great movie with @arunvijayno1 's grt performance #MagizhThirumeni