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Director Krish Jagarlamudi including Sonu Sood, Mishti Chakravarty and Apurva Asrani have accused Kangana Ranaut of chopping off her co-actors' roles in the period drama after she took over the director's seat. And after all the hullabaloo over taking full credits for the movie, Kangana has finally admitted to removing scenes from the final copy and said that it was her prerogative as a director to take all the final decisions after Krish left the film in her hands.

"I have taken all the final decisions. If Krish left the film in my hands, then it is my prerogative as a director to take the final calls. And to all those who are struggling in life, they should take inspiration from me. They won't get anything by feeling jealous or by attacking me," Kangana Ranaut told a reporter when she landed at the Mumbai airport after holidaying in Geneva.

Kangana further slammed Krish, Sonu Sood, Mishti Chakravarty and Apurva Asrani for attacking her and her decisions as a filmmaker.

"It is wrong of Krish to attack me like that. If he is right, then he can go ahead and prove it. Talking to the media, won't help him. Manikarnika is out and fortunately or unfortunately, I have directed the film. The film is out there and nothing can be done about it. To all those people who are saying that my role has been cut or I have edited a scene, I would like to say that whatever place I have achieved, whether as an actor or 3 times National award winner or filmmaker, I have got it myself and my father hasn't given it to me. Get this position on your own and by crying, it won't help anyone," Kangana said.

Talking about roles getting chopped off, removed from a film at last minute and getting replaced, Kangana said that she also started with a 5-minute role and gradually went on becoming a big star that she is today. She recommended all those who are speaking against her and fighting for due credits to work harder and take inspiration from her to achieve great heights of success in their careers. 

Taking a dig at Krish, Sonu, Mishti and Apurva, Kangana chuckled, "I would suggest Krish to take Sonu Sood, Mishti Chakraborty & Apurva Asrani and make a film to teach me a lesson."

Earlier, Manikarnika producer Kamal Jain slammed Krish for trying to take due advantage of the situation and fighting for due credits after the film had received positive response and successfully running in theatres.

Watch Kangana's explosive response on allegations levelled against her.