Director Krish aka Radhakrishna Jagarlamudi and Kangana Ranaut on Manikarnika set
Director Krish aka Radhakrishna Jagarlamudi and Kangana Ranaut on Manikarnika setTwitter

The ongoing fued between Kangana Ranaut and Krish Jagarlamudi over Manikarnika's director credits is getting ugly and brutal with each passing day. While Kangana has claimed that she has shot 70 per cent of the film, Krish said that he left the project only he completed shooting it and accused Kangana of deleting most of the work he had shot. And now producer Kamal Jain has jumped to Kangana and slammed Krish for unnecessarily creating controversy after huge critical claim and box office success.

Krish had complained that Kangana had humiliated him while shooting Manikarnika and pushed him away from the project by taking over the director's seat. He had also expressed his disappointment with producer Kamal Jain about he gave in to Kangana's demands of making changes in the movie to make it look like a commercial Bollywood film.

However, Kamal Jain has now refuted Krish's allegations and said that it was a collective decision of the makers and Kangana wouldn't have taken decisions on her own.

"It's very sad how Krish is trying to claim credit for what he doesn't deserve, it was mine and studio's collective decision to give credits the way they are and to attack Kangana who stood by the film from beginning to end is very sad," Kamal Jain told Pinkvilla.

He further added, "Whatever she did she could have not done without production and creative team's consent, for Krish rather than making it a media trial specifically after huge critical claim and box office success is a clear attempt to harm our film, why doesn't he go legal way if he is speaking the truth and prove his claims, we tried to handle this matter on every level nothing was done without informing him, its sad he chose to create this controversy at the stage."

Kangana Ranaut has been given the first director credit followed by Krish whose name appears as Radha Krishna Jagarlamudi which he said that he doesn't use his full name for his works.

Meanwhile, Manikarnika has had a good hold in its opening week and collected Rs 61.15 crore at the Indian box office. The producers have now managed to retain 60 per cent of the screens in the second week to get a bumper opening in the second weekend.