Actor KRK aka Kamaal R Khan, who is known for his film Deshdrohi, says that the Muslims protest against NRC (National Register of Citizens) and CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) are benefitting the BJP, which is hiding the actual issues like economy, jobs and farmers' distress.

The CAA, Shaheen Bagh protest and the violence in Delhi are at the centre of focus with the whole country debating about them. The right and left wing activists are engaged in mudslinging at each other over the riots in the national capital of India, while the government struggles to find measures to make peace in the North-East Delhi. Social media is now filled with war of words between Hindu and Muslims.

KRK, Kamaal R Khan
KRK, Kamaal R KhanYouTube screenshot

Kamaal R Khan is known for courting controversies with his honest and brutal way of talking on social media. Having quit filmmaking, he is currently working as a film critic and trade analyst. He also speaks about current affairs and voices his opinions on them. He condemns the wrong and praises the right things.

Recently, KRK spoke about the riots in Delhi and tweeted, "Approx 30 people are killed during #delhivoilence n everyone is having loving mother. Someone is crying on camera n someone is crying inside her house. Every human is human. Nobody is dog. So pls stop dividing mothers also according to their religions. U all are destroying India.

Kamaal R Khan added, "I am again saying that Muslims are also wrong for opposing #CAA and govt is also wrong to show the power. Everything is having limit in this world. Anything beyond the limit is dangerous. So pls don't push it till the civil war starts. Don't try to destroy the entire country!"

Shaheen Bagh protests
Women stage a sit-in demonstration against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) 2019, National Register of Citizens (NRC) and National Population Register (NPR) at Shaheen Bagh.IANS

The Deshdrohi actor made his stand clear on the CAA and Shaheen Bagh protest. He tweeted, "First thing- I am not against #CAA! 2nd thing- I don't support #ShaheenBagh protest! 3rd thing- I don't support riots! So it's very clear that I don't have to say anything about #DelhiRiots2020! But still I do have sympathy for all the innocent people who died in the riots."

Meanwhile, Kamaal R Khan asked Muslims to stop protesting against NRC. He tweeted, "I am saying truth. Muslims are fighting against #NRC but #NRC hasn't come. Muslims are saying that it will come! OK agreed! So we will fight against #NRC when it will come. Why to fight now? #BJP can't kill 300 million Muslims! It's 100% impossible and #RSS knows it well."

KRK also said that Muslims' protest will only benefit the BJP. He tweeted, "Those all the Muslims are helping #BJP who are protesting or doing violence. Because #BJP needs that only to remain in the power. #BJP can't claim anything about development or employment or economy! So they have to stick to Hindu Muslim card only."