As the situation remained tense for the third consecutive day in north-east Delhi, several disturbing footages of violence have come to the fore via different social media platforms. One such video depicting the brutality of Delhi Police has become the talking point with many slamming the cops for their misconduct.

The video shows several policemen surrounding injured protestors and thrashing them with batons. The cops can also be heard abusing the individuals lying on the street and forcing them to sing the national anthem.

Delhi Riots
Police during violence in Delhi

Here, have a look at the video:

As the video did many rounds of social media and invited massive backlash for Delhi Police, there was a section who questioned the authenticity of the clip sighting the past instances of false videos being spread to mislead people. Therefore, it had become necessary to verify the video and bring out the truth.

Verifying the clip

Posted by a Twitter account by the name Shaheen Bagh Official, the video is said to be from the violence-hit north-eastern side of Delhi. Face-checking website Alt News has already confirmed that the clip is authentic and that the incident had occurred near Kardam Puri locality of Shahdara at around 5:45 PM on 24 February.

The fact-check includes another video showcasing the same incident from an aerial view. Also, there is an account from one of the victims seen in the footage. Narrating how the horrific scene transpired, he said, "Police had brutally thrashed the 5-6 individuals. They broke someone's hand, someone's leg. My hand and leg are also broken. There are 8-10 stitches on my head. I am unable to speak. Policemen were repeatedly saying do you want azaadi?"

After double-checking both the proofs minutely, we have reached the conclusion that the video, which has now gone viral, certainly depicts the unfortunate incident as it happened.

Delhi Police has come under heavy scrutiny

The police personnel in Delhi were already facing flak and this incident has further fuelled their criticism. Several prominent faces have slammed the cops for their unacceptable behaviour.

The Supreme Court of India and Delhi High Court have also reprimanded the Delhi Police for their lack of professionalism and inefficiency in handling the ongoing violence in the national capital.