Jofra Archer
Archer is very active on social mediaTwitter/Cricket World Cup

One of the fastest rising stars in the world of cricket – Jofra Archer – is also an avid user of social media. His tweets have become legendary and have been discussed a lot of late. In a new move, Archer decided to upload a 'Vlog' on his YouTube page to let his fans know more about him.

The Barbados-born pacer also decided to upload a link to this video on his Twitter page. There was bound to be a huge response to this and Archer's fans reacted in a big way to this new experiment by their hero. However, on the internet, one is bound to find all sorts of people and especially, that group of attention-seeking individuals known as 'Trolls.'

One of them decided to sour the mood by putting out an ill-humoured tweet stating, "You're ugly." This Twitter user goes by the name 'Ben' and his Twitter handle is @stokesben0. Obviously, the person hasn't revealed his true identity. Interestingly, despite his name, the guy seems to be a West Indies fan as his cover pic has Bob Marley and display pic Chris Gayle on it.

Jofra Archer tweet
Jofra Archer

Whatever be this guy's ethnicity or loyalty, his comments didn't go down well with a lot of people who reprimanded him for his comments while many others said Archer is cute and smart. But the man himself, like when he is bowling in the death overs, wasn't fussed.

He responded to his attacker with a short and sweet reply which endeared him even more to his fans. The 24-year old simply said: "And you are very handsome." No unnecessary anger, no unwanted foul language and no unusual losing of the cool, that's what you expect from Jofra and that's what we got.

Having bowled England to victory in the super over of the World Cup final, the newest blue-eyed boy of English cricket is now being touted as the man who can rescue England's Ashes campaign after a tumultuous start in the first Test at Edgbaston. Whether that materialises or not, one thing is certain, the coolness of Jofra will never escape him. He is bound to become, if he hasn't already, a cult figure.