Ben Stokes

England all-rounder Ben Stokes could be awarded Knighthood, according to England's Prime Ministerial candidates Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt. Stokes, who played a vital role in England's ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 glory, has been lauded by cricket fans from all over the world for his crucial performance in the final.

The two prime ministerial candidates agreed that they would give the knighthood to the 28-year-old all-rounder and would not hesitate to give him the greatest honour during a debate hosted by The Sun and talkRadio.

"I will give dukedoms, whatever - I will go to the maximum, to, what, the Garter King of Arms. Yes is the answer, absolutely," Johnson was quoted as saying by IANS. On the other hand, Hunt also answered the question stating that he will also give the English all-rounder knighthood. 

World Cup
England team celebrate their victory. Twitter

British Prime Minister Theresa May had praised the efforts of the England squad when she met them at 10 Downing Street as she held a special reception for the side. She said, " The final was not just cricket at its best but sport at its best - courage, character, sportsmanship, drama, incredible skill and even the odd slice of luck."

"You are a team that represents modern Britain, and that plays like no other side in the world. You have helped the nation fall in love with cricket once again. You have inspired countless future Morgans, Rashids and Archer," she had further added.

The England team defeated New Zealand in the World Cup final at Lords to lift the coveted trophy. Ben Stokes along with Jos Buttler took charge of the England innings when they were down by four wickets with only 86 runs on the board. They helped England tie the match and eventually win it with Ben Stokes scoring 84 runs. This was England's first-ever ICC Cricket World Cup victory.