Aquaman Jason Momoa, Zack Snyder Vero
Justice League director Zack Snyder shares behind-the-scenes picture featuring Aquaman star Jason Momoa.Zack Snyder, Vero

The Aquaman trailer releases this weekend at the San Diego Comic Con 2018. But before we get a look at the superhero in action, Aquaman actor Jason Momoa and director James Wan decided to tease fans with the movie's plot.

The team revealed some crucial details about the movie and clarified several fan theories. According to the JoBlo set visit report, Aquaman will feature a slew of flashback scenes from Arthur Curry's life to help establish the superhero character in his first solo movie.

It revealed that the flashbacks will feature Arthur's growing up years and events that helped him discover his abilities. The scenes will help fans understand how Arthur moulded into the superhero we saw in Justice League. The report also revealed that fans will witness four stages of Aquaman.

Spoiler alert: An elaborate scene featuring a young Arthur Curry on a field trip to the Boston Aquarium will be a part of the flashback sequences. In the scene, Arthur is being bullied by a group of students. Arthur suddenly sees a fish in the aquarium gathering to cheer his efforts. It was at that moment he finds out he can "talk to fish."

Apart from the flashback scenes, the set visit reports also revealed that the movie begins from 1980s and builds it way to the present day.

"[The film] starts in the '80s when Tom rescues Atlanna from the beach. She washes up on a rocky cove, is injured and wounded, and he nurses her back to health. You know, their love story, and they end up with Arthur. That cuts to the present day, and so then we live the rest of the movie in the present day with one or two small flashbacks to different points in Arthur's youth," Producer Peter Safran told IGN.

Amber Heard also spoke to the publication and revealed how Mera's character and her relationship with Aquaman develops in the movie. "There's a power struggle for them from the beginning," she says explaining that Mera is accustomed to being the one in charge.

"It creates this really nice banter and great humour. You can see the relationship evolves when she actually does make it to the surface," she adds.

We cannot wait to see the trailer! Aquaman trailer releases on Saturday, July 21. The movie releases on December 21.