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  • Aquaman will release on December 21, 2018
  • A footage from Aquaman was shared at CinemaCon on April 24
  • The DCEU movie stars Jason Momoa in the titular role, Amber Heard as Mera. It also stars Nicole Kidman, Patrick Wilson, Willem Dafoe, Dolph Lundgren and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II to name a few.
  • The movie directed by James Wan and stands crucial for Warner Bros and DC Films as it is the first movie to release after the disastrous Justice League.

Aquaman is not releasing until later this year so the Aquaman trailer is also not going to be out anytime soon. However, during the Warner Bros panel at the CinemaCon, Aquaman director James Wan previewed a footage that he clarified wasn't the trailer of the DCEU movie but just a glimpse of the movie in making.

The director revealed that the film is yet to finish and he wasn't bringing a footage to the event but the production house urged Wan. "I didn't want to bring anything, but they made me," the director said before the footage was shared, The Hollywood Reporter noted.

Attendees took to Twitter to share what they saw in the footage. According to Fandango's Erik Davis, the Aquaman teaser trailer focus on the "battle for the throne between Aquaman and his brother, played by Patrick Wilson. Teases a huge gladiator-like fight between the two."

He also tweeted, "Wilson's character Ocean Master is the one who teases a massive battle on the surface, quoted above. Also saw shots of Aquaman and Mera on the surface, walking through a desert. Favorite Aquaman line was a response where he goes, "I bring the ass-whoopin!"

Actors Patrick Wilson, Amber Heard, Will Arnett and Jason Momoa speak onstage during CinemaCon 2018 while presenting the Aquaman footage.Getty Images tweeted that apart from Black Manta, "Orm, Vulko, gold TRIdent, Black Manta, Atlantis and various underwater races" were also seen in the footage. A THR report also explained that the footage featured Momoa's Aquaman pulling a submarine out of the water. It appeared to be "shark horses and vistas of Atlantean skyscrapers," the report wrote.

There were many one-liners from the movie that was the highlight of the footage. One of the one-liners was: "I'm a blunt instrument, and I am damned good at it." journalist Brandon Davis shared that Black Manta stood out in the footage. "Patrick Wilson looks great at Ocean Master. There's a massive war with men riding sharks fighting a foot army. And Black Manta looks brilliant. The Black Manta we deserve is coming!" he shared.

Germain Lussier from Gizmodo and io9 tweeted that the movie is unlike any DC movies in the past. "Just screened a work in progress trailer for Aquaman and it looks way beyond the scope of anything DC has done yet. Blade Runner underwater with more superhero action," he said.

Last month, Wan revealed the reason why the trailer of Aquaman is yet to hit the internet. The director said that he wants to complete the VFX before releasing the trailer.

"I am simply not ready yet to share. This movie is filled to the gills with VFX, and the process is as slow and laborious as a sea-slug! Yes, even shots for the trailers take forever to do, and I refuse to put out anything that might be construed as subpar," he wrote.

Aquaman releases on December 21, 2018. It is the only DC Films release this year.