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Aquaman, starring Jason Momoa and Amber Heard, will not be out until December this year. But the first test screening has been reportedly held and the movie is said to be packed with action and emotion. According to a tweet by, the movie's first screening was for the general audience and the reactions overall have been positive.

But fans refuse to buy it. They took to Twitter to shoot down the reactions by pointing out that similar positive reactions made waves online after Suicide Squad and Justice League test screening took place. Both the movies disappointed DC fans.

"Ha feel like I saw the same tweet about Justice League," pointed out a Twitter user, "and Suicide Squad," added another. "I've been fooled by "positive reactions" many times before," a tweet read.

"Are these the sources that said JL was amazing and suicide squad was good? Any sources that screen any dc movie before it comes out saying its good no longer means sh*t," tweeted a disappointed user. "I won't believe in anything of this until I watch it with my own eyes," added another.

Fans also took this opportunity to take a dig at the infamous Justice League reshoot fiasco from last year and associate it with Aquaman. "[Joss] Whedon waiting on the sidelines ready to ruin another film," a user tweeted. "They'll do reshoot next so Atlantis looks more like Wakanda, them just put out some inconsistent choppy cut," said another fan, making a Black Panther reference. 

But many still hope Aquaman doesn't disappoint considering James Wan is directing it and he can't mess it up. "I believe in James Wan," a fan said. "I have faith in James Wan and Jason Momoa," another tweet read. 

Amidst the reactions to the test screening, film critic and reporter Jeremy Conrad shared a few spoilers from the movie that will help fans get a clearer idea of the James Wan movie.

Spoilers ahead:

Here's what he shared:

  1. As reported previously, Aquaman will follow the events of Justice League. "Steppenwolf's defeat is specifically mentioned in the movie," he tweeted.
  2. Describing his outfit in the movie, he said, "Aquaman does have his classic look in the movie. Gold tunic, green pants and gauntlets."
  3. It is said that director Wan has called the movie the underwater Star Wars. Now, Jeremy brings in another Star Wars reference and said, "Atlantis' design looks like a cross between Final Fantasy and the Star Wars Prequels."

Aquaman will release on December 21, this year.