Justice League
Warner Bros released the new Justice League trailer and an official poster that doesn't feature Superman Henry CavillJustice League Movie, Facebook

Thank the almighty, because the first reactions of Justice League have finally hit the web. The embargo on social media reactions has been lifted and the reviews reveal that the film is fun ride.

After the critical debacle of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the initial reactions and reviews for Justice League were crucial. The reactions from critics online are mixed. While many enjoyed the fun ride, a few did not have positive reactions to the movie.

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Entertainment Reporter of Gizmodo, Germain Lussier found the movie a "mess" but it is a funny.

He tweeted: "JUSTICE LEAGUE! It's okay. Narratively it's a mess, the stakes don't work & the villain isn't great. HOWEVER, the heroes ARE great, it's funny, & there's some surprisingly effective character work. I didn't love it, but there are enough good pieces to excite me for the future."

Brandon Davis of Comic Book Now called the movie fun but it is not a "perfect" movie. He said:

"Justice League is not a perfect movie. It has story "flaws" and a simple, CGI villain. BUT, more importantly, it gets the heroes right. Every member of the League is fantastic and it's tough to choose a favorite. It's a ton a fun, start to finish," he wrote. 

Rob Keyes of Screen Rant mentions both good and the bad of the movie.

He says: "The good: #JusticeLeague is my favorite DCEU movie. It will make you love its heroes and want to see them team-up again. The bad: #JusticeLeague rushes through a lot and its main story/lore and villain are rather stripped down and forgettable."

Perri Nemiroff of Collider revealed, "Here it goes ... #JusticeLeague is super thin and has some very weak CG but it's got heart and a positive vibe that works. Overall, I had a pretty good time and am looking forward to seeing more of these characters."

Forbes contributor Mark Hughes said, "If you liked previous #DCEU films, you'll probably like #JusticeLeague. If you didn't like BvS or SS, you'll probably like Justice League."

Here are a few more reactions: 

The reactions have overall been positive. It was earlier reported that based on the reactions, The Flashpoint movie's future will be decided. Considering almost all critics loved The Flash, it is safe to say that fans can hope the announcement of Flashpoint movie soon after Justice League's release. 

Justice League full reviews will be out soon. The film releases on November 17.