The phrase "To the moon and back" could prove true for actor Dev Joshi, who is known for his work on the television show "Baalveer". Joshi is the youngest among the 7 people who will fly to the moon in 2023 in a SpaceX flight.

The actor was selected from one million applicants from 249 countries for the first civilian mission to the moon bankrolled by Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa, who bought every seat for the lunar expedition.

'Baalveer' actor Dev Joshi
'Baalveer' actor Dev Joshi to fly to the moon in SpaceXIANS

The winners were announced on Twitter and dearMoon website. In a video posted on the website, Dev can be heard saying: "You have seen me flying in space as a superhero. Time to make it real."

Dev has been in the entertainment industry since he was three and has done several television series. He has also worked in Gujarati regional cinema with more than 20 movies to his credit. The actor, who started his journey in 2010, has also worked in music albums, stage shows and commercials.

He is currently pursuing a Master's in International Affairs and Diplomacy from the United Nations Institute of Training and Research.

Ever since the inception of the show 'Baalveer,' child actor Dev Joshi has been part of the fantasy series on SAB TV. The show premiered on 8 October and aired for 1111 episodes, went off the air on 4 November 2016. Baalveer was back with its second season on 10 September 2019. Its sequel, Baalveer Returns starring Dev Joshi is currently airing on SAB TV. The child actor is now all grown up and looks at life from a different perspective.

SpaceX, Blue Origin to make Moon lander design for NASA
SpaceX, Blue Origin to make Moon lander design for NASAIANS

Exclusive with IB Times in 2020:

In an exclusive conversation with IBTimes, Dev Joshi of Baalveer fame talks about staring his acting carer at the tender age of 3, his take on Bollywood and television audience and why he believed in having a promising alternate career.

Excerpts from the candid interview:

You started at a very early age. Did you always want to be an actor?

Acting has been my hobby since the age of 3. It was like my parents wanted me to do some extra-curricular activities along with my studies. So we explored many fields but, in the end, modelling, dancing and acting worked out for me. So I liked it, and my mom helped me a lot. And step by step we moved ahead from the age of 3, starting from stage shows and theatres and regional films, regional dramas and school play. Then advertisements in Mumbai, followed by serials. So it has been a step by step progress, and it was not like I want to be an actor, and I am going for it.

What kind of shows do you love to watch on TV?

All the shows are impressive, and they all are unique in their way. But I like all the shows which teach society something, which entertain and also gives away a message to society and the young generation. And also motivate them to do good things for society and making some new and innovative things, always being supportive, understanding, the qualities of human life.

Do you think television actors get their due as much as Bollywood actors?

Being a television actor, it feels very proud, and its importance has increased in the last few years, so it's great. But when it's compared to the Bollywood industry, both are very different. Bollywood is something where you go once, it's a one time show, and you judge it once. But on television, you have to entertain people daily, and you have to give content to them daily, you have to make people stick to your show. So both are different, and both have their cons and pros.

Baalveer Dev Joshi in 2012

What kind of roles is being offered to you?

As an actor, all types of roles are being offered to me. Since the last 16 years, I have worked in many of the shows, theatres and advertisements. All of my roles have been different from one another, and I have also been offered many roles in web series. But I don't find it appropriate at this age to play some roles. So, I am a little bit choosy in my work. I always opt for characters that the audience and society can learn something from it, makes it positive and always spread happiness.

Had you not been an actor, what would you be?

So it has not been like I want to be an actor forever. Even now, I am exploring other fields, like, I am a student of Political Science, and I am doing well with it. Also, my base is 12th Science, so I am also exploring some fields related to it. Acting is my hobby. I want to pursue a career in this field. I also want to have an alternate career, a promising career of my choice. Since childhood, I wanted to pursue Aviation and become a pilot. So that's what I am pursuing, also to become an IAS officer. So let's see where life takes me.

What shows were your favourite when you were a kid?

Being a kid, I always watched a lot of shows on television, and one of my favourites is Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah. I watch it with my family daily. Even Indian Idol is one of my favourite shows since its first season. I love all kind of show, but these shows I have been watching since childhood.