Interdimensional portal
YouTube Screenshot: Disclose Screen

Conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'Disclose Screen' has shared an eerie video recently which shows a seemingly interdimensional portal opening up in the bedroom of a house in South Carolina. The man who captured the clip revealed that he felt some strange energy in his room minutes before he opened up his smartphone camera to look for what is going on.

The witness revealed that the energy he felt was like satanic vibrations, and soon he started getting a static feeling.

The strange video which was apparently shot on July 15, 2018, has been submitted to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) for further investigation.

As the video went viral on online, viewers of 'Disclose Screen' soon put forward various theories explaining the weird sighting. Most of the viewers who watched the video argued that the weird entity spotted in the video could be either a spirit or an interdimensional portal.

"That is weird! I've never seen anything like that before," commented Gaz Pyrotechnics, a YouTube user.

"I've seen something really close to that in my parents house I grew up in when I was a teenager I got the feeling it was a dark paranormal present and it scared the hell out of me I couldn't imagine recording it so you could relive it once was enough for me," commented Mick Jjj, another YouTuber.

However, skeptics argue that the weird sighting in the video might be the result of water particles in the camera's lens.

"I'm a cinematographer. That's just...WATER ON THE LENS. The light bounced off the mirror hits his wet lens creates that effect," explained one commentator, Leon Hunter.

This weird incident happened just a few days after an alleged interdimensional portal was spotted in the skies of New Jersey. The video shows eerie lights appearing and disappearing, and the witness who captured the incident revealed that the bizarre storm was like an electric storm.

The video soon went viral, and many conspiracy theorists argued that killer planet Nibiru has appeared on the skies. Another section of conspiracy theorists claimed that portals like these often connects one world with another.