alien UFO
NASA doesn't know if aliens exist.Creative Commons

A weird video was recently submitted to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) for investigation, and it shows a triangular UFO hidden behind the clouds in the skies of White Rock, Canada. At the first glance, the sky looks completely normal, but when the camera zooms in, a triangular shade can be seen hidden in the clouds, and the glowing section of the alleged UFO appear orange in colour.

Cloud or an alien spaceship?

Conspiracy theorists who later analyzed the video soon came to the conclusion that it is a cloaked alien spaceship from the deep space.

The video later gained popularity after it was shared by conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'UFOmania'. The video soon became viral, and audiences put forward various theories explaining the bizarre sky phenomenon.

A YouTube user named Hennessey XO commented that the strange object spotted in the skies might be a Camaflough spaceship controlled by extraterrestrials.

Another YouTuber, Jason McCormick argued that the weird flying object is the cloaked TR-3B, an alleged anti-gravity vessel developed by the United States Air Force.

However, skeptics are not convinced about the alien origin of this alleged spaceship. As per these critics, it is a reflection of the sun's ray on the clouds which is resulting in this phenomenon.

The mysterious case of Peru UFO

A similar sighting happened in Peru a few days back, and it has also baffled alien enthusiasts and UFO buffs. The video shot by Rafael Mercado of the Peruvian Association of Ufology shows a cigar-shaped object in the skies of Peru, near the Nazca lines.

As per conspiracy theorists, Nazca lines were built by aliens in the ancient past, and they believe that these extraterrestrials have once again returned to the land where they drew these pre-Hispanic geoglyphs. Some of these geoglyphs are about 30 meters wide, and nine kilometres long which indicates that aliens have drawn these structures.

In this incident too, skeptics rubbished the UFO claims and made it clear the object might be the result of a scratch in the camera lens. Others argued that the object is actually a strange-shaped cloud.