Amid the ongoing clash between India and China along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh, a war poster featuring an Indian mythological figure and a Chinese dragon has caught the attention of social media users.

The illustration, which was originally posted on the Hong Kong social media site LIHKG, showcases Hindu God Rama poised to hunt down a dragon beside the words, "We Conquer. We kill".

Hong Kong Twitter user shares illustration featuring India's Rama and China's dragon
Hong Kong Twitter user shares illustration featuring India's Rama and China's dragon

It was later shared on Twitter by a native of Hong Kong named HoSaiLei with a caption, "An Indian friend has already finished this exquisite Sino-Indian war poster."

Hong Kong show solidarity with India

The now-viral war poster indicates that Hong Kong, which has been fighting the Chinese suppression for long, sides with India. As many Indian social media users thanked HoSaiLei for sharing the illustration, he replied to one of them saying, "Likewise!! Please know this, we support you!"

Check out the post here:

A Taiwan media outlet too picked up the poster and presented it as "Photo Of The Day". "An illustration showing Rama, the seventh avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu, drawing a bow and preparing to shoot a huge arrow into a Chinese dragon was posted on the Hong Kong social media site LIHKG," said Taiwan News in an article.

Current situation along the LAC

On Tuesday, June 16, an unprecedented violent clash took place in Galwan Valley in Eastern Ladakh with Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers attacking a small group of Indian Army men on patrol, resulting in fatalities on both sides. At least twenty Indian soldiers sacrificed their lives including the commanding officer. China reportedly lost 43 troops.

These are the first casualties faced by the Indian Army in a clash with the PLA since 1975 when an Indian patrol was ambushed by Chinese troops in Arunachal Pradesh.

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Under an old agreement between the two nuclear-armed Asian giants, no shots are fired at the border, but there have been fisticuffs in recent years between border patrols.Reuters

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday, June 17, sent out a clear signal to the neighboring country saying India won't tolerate any misadventures when it comes to defending its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

In his first statement post the bloodbath at the LAC, the PM said, "I would like to assure the nation that the sacrifice of our jawans will not go in vain. For us, the unity and sovereignty of the country are important. India wants peace but when instigated, India is capable of giving a befitting reply."