The Indian contingent at the closing ceremony of the 2018 Commonwealth Games
The Indian contingent at the closing ceremony of the 2018 Commonwealth GamesPTI

While India's performance at the recent Commonwealth Games (CWG) in Australia was one of its best, the country has also added an unwanted record to its tally - a fine of Rs 73,988 for damages caused by the athletes and officials at the Commonwealth Games Village.

The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) was fined Australian $1,450.74 by the CWG Organising Committee. As per the committee, the Indian contingent caused sizable damage to the rooms they were staying in during the games in Gold Coast.

The lofty fine was imposed for damages to door keys, wardrobe hanging fabric, cushion covers, lamps, power boards and USB outlets. The committee has sent a list of rooms and occupants to the IOA to recover the amount.

As a result, IOA president Narinder Batra has passed the onus to the athletes to cough up for the damages. He has written letters to the various national sports federations asking them to recover the amount from the respective athletes.

Batra's letter called the damaged goods "basic things". He has also asked the federations to explain to its athletes and officials that such behaviour cannot be repeated at the upcoming Asian Games, or any future tournaments. "Such kind of activities bring bad name for our country," he added in the letter.

While the full list has not been made public, the basketball team has incurred the heaviest fine after the internal doors were found damaged in their apartments. The hockey team has also incurred a heavy fine after their room was found with damaged bedside lamps.