The Tesla and SpaceX owner, who topped the list of the world's richest persons last month, finally gave up when pestered by netizens as to how he was running several companies at the same time switching his focus from one to the other.

In desperation, Musk replied to Tech start-up mogul Kunal Shah: "I'm an alien," perhaps as a last-ditch effort to end the discussion but it has bounced back with trolls and more questions on Twitter.

Elon Musk Twitter Hack
Elon Musk Twitter HackIBT

The bizarre Twitter exchange started when netizens questioned how he runs so many massive companies simultaneously. At the age of 49, running two huge companies -- the SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk is not only the richest person in the world but also the one steering the future of the humanity with his future space missions aimed at colonizing Mars.

Kunal Shah on Friday teased Musk tweeting, "Elon musk may end up running 4+ 500 billion companies simultaneously at a relatively young age. What I want to really understand: how does he do it? How does he manage context switching? How does he design his Org? So many questions."

To end the debate, Musk quickly replied, "I'm an alien."

Elon Musk alien
Elon Musk says, "I'm an alien"Twitter

Contradicted own statement

Two years ago, when asked the same question whether he was an alien, Musk had denied vehemently that he was an alien. But persisted repeatedly, he lost his cool on Friday and said 'Yes' to the question, to be trolled by many on the social media.

One Twitter user describing his announcement as the "Worst kept secret" while another siad, "We knew it already that you are an alien." Another said, "I knew it from the beginning that's why you wanna go back your home (Mars)."

Kunal Shah

Instead of taking it as a joke, many have interpreted it as a brazen confession to his real being. One follower questioned,"Is that why you're building a Spaceship ... to get back to your home planet?"

"Coincidence that Elon said on Rogan that Aliens could just make themselves known if they wanted to? I like this not so subtle approach," another commented.

A third wrote: "I knew it from the beginning that's why you wanna go back your home (Mars)."

In April 2019 Musk was filmed at the World Government Summit saying: "I think this is one of the great questions in physics and philosophy, is where are the aliens? Maybe they're among us I don't know. Some people think I'm an alien. Not true, not true."

Another clip shared his 2019 video and asked, "Hey @elonmusk here you said that you're not an alien, now you have different statement... So, what's the truth?"

And the debate goes on.