Soni Singh
Soni Singh denied being sexually harassed.PR Handout

Popular TV actress Soni Singh has denied the reports that claimed she was sexually harassed and blackmailed by an unknown person.

Soni, who is currently shooting for the TV serial Bitti Businesswali, said the "false" reports made her "feel like a victim".

"The media reports stating that I was sexually harassed and blackmailed are totally false and baseless. It sounds so weird when media simply makes you feel like a victim. I was never sexually harassed and blackmailed," Soni told International Business Times India.

The Naamkarann actress further said that a "small issue" was over-hyped by some media organisations, which degraded her reputation.

" I am a strong girl and can fight for myself. I feel sad about how a small issue or a single comment that too on social media, which I don't take seriously, turns to be self-cook food for media degrading someone's reputation. I and my family are really upset with the false media reports on me," she added.

Earlier, some reports claimed that Soni was sexually harassed by a stranger on Facebook. The unidentified person sent her vulgar messages.

"Initially, he approached me on Facebook and was trying to be polite to me. Gradually his conversation turned vulgar and started harassing me sexually by using inappropriate comments like, 'I want to kiss you in your mouth'. I immediately blocked him as I didn't want to have any negativity around. Then he contacted me through another account and started blaming me for being a racist. He also spoke ill about my country and that we are poor and black people. He didn't stop there and started polluting my timeline with some other accounts. Now, I don't understand whether his first account was real or fake. But things got worse when he started writing wrong stuff on my friend's timeline as well. Whenever they used to post a picture with me he used to go and write that he would reveal something. What, I really have no idea?" she was quoted as saying by an entertainment portal.

Looks like the incident did happen, but Soni did not find it appropriate to be labelled as a victim of sexual harassment, based on some vulgar messages by a stranger.