Anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine can leave Covid-19 patients seriously damaged

With President Trump's announcement in the White House that hydroxychloroquine "will not kill anybody," the potential drug saw an upsurge in global demand and the export ban was soon lifted on India. However, little attention was drawn on why the FDA does not recommend prolonged use of hydroxychloroquine for treating malaria. With no real evidence and clinical trials underway, let's understand the side effects of antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine first. Apr 8, 2020
Coronavirus pandemic

J&K Govt thought joinery mills can 'manufacture' oxygen; order fixed

Directorate of Industries and Commerce, Government of J&K issued directives allowing a joinery mill and furniture factory the right to manufacture oxygen. But it was later revoked in the day today by Director Mahmood Ahmad Shah on account of heavy criticism received. Apr 8, 2020
Coronavirus stays in the air for 30 min

Your eyes might tell if you have Coronavirus: Two new indicators seen in Covid-19 patients

Medical practitioners do rely on the change in colour of a patient's eyes as indicators to identify a major health issue. While WHO (World Health Organisation) has not mentioned in its symptomatic guidelines that red eyes could be a warning sign of Covid-19 positive case, researches and noted observations by medical staffers on coronavirus patients indicate otherwise. Mar 27, 2020

Risk of heart disease due to irregular sleeping habits: Study

Scientists have stressed the importance of healthy sleep habits, recommending at least seven hours each night, and have linked lack of sleep to an increased risk in numerous health conditions, including diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular disease. Mar 26, 2020