A photo taken on November 29, 2018 at the police headquarters in Lille, northern France, shows a gun, handcuffs and a truncheon.PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP/Getty Images [Representational Image]

In another scandalous incident, a 44-year-old woman from Haryana was arrested for conspiring her son's murder after he learned about her affair with his friend.

Parmod, 23, was shot dead at his house in Chamanpura village of Jhajjar district on February 19. He was working as a bouncer in Gurugram when he befriended 23-year-old Pradeep, another bouncer who hailed from a nearby village in the district. Pradeep used to visit Parmod's house during which he got into an affair with Parmod's widowed mother Meena Devi.

According to the police, Parmod had recently resigned from his job and was staying at home when he became suspicious about his mother's affair with Pradeep. He confronted Pradeep and asked him to stop coming to his house.

No longer able to meet her lover, Meena decided to end her son's life and plotted to murder him with her paramour. They also had help from two of Pradeep's friends to commit the crime on the night of February 19.

The next day, Meena lodged a complaint with the police against two unknown persons involved in her son's murder. According to the complaint, she was sleeping when Parmod was killed.

The entire puzzle was cleared when the police apprehended Saurabh (one of Pradeep's friend who helped him with the murder) for possession of an illegal weapon during a routine search on Wednesday. During interrogation, Saurabh revealed about Parmod's murder unravelling the mystery.

The police have arrested Pradeep along with Meena and his two friends Saurabh and Monu for the murder of Parmod.