Trump deserves a farewell and farewell he received. Albeit a little different one. Starting with unending memes that stood connected with the hashtag #TrumpsLastDay. Not everyone joined in the celebrations, especially those who heaved the proverbial sigh of relief after taking the declassification threats seriously.

Despite many a US residents blindly ready to click on the terms and conditions of Brand Trump, the second time around; the truth is he was defeated, thus breaking the 28-year record. The last president who failed to win re-election was George HW Bush who lost to Bill Clinton in 92.

 Those happy at his departure, raise your hands

Trump bids adieu to White House

Retweets and hashtags more than put the spotlight on the prevailing sentiment. Some resorted to plain facts to let Trump's departure sink in. Trump's popularity rating first took a hit in 2017 when he did not condemn the violence by white supremacists in Virginia and reached an all-time low in the second week of January after Capitol siege.


Trump last day reaction


trump last day
trump last day

Statistics and ratings are on the same page

As per the data from the Treasury Department, the Fiscal Year 2016 budget deficit totalled $587 billion, the year the baton was passed onto Trump. Four years of his Presidency later, the U.S budget deficit hit a record $3.1 trillion during fiscal 2020. Is it the pandemic? Yes. Is it the President? Him too, yes.  

Earlier in the week, Trump leaving the White House with the lowest approval rating of his Presidency had hit the headlines. The polling group Gallup had made public the poll that showed Trump's average approval rating during his one-term presidency was 41 per cent. That's a significant four points lower than any of his predecessors since the polling group has been gathering data. 

The not-so-sudden fall of Brand Trump seems to be have been made steeper by Melania Trump, who too leaves the White House with one of the worst popularity ratings for any first lady, by many a digital poll.

trump send off


Trump won't be missed, unless we are talking about…

Geographical blunders, word mix-ups and some entertainment in the middle of a pandemic remember disinfectant to kill coronavirus. Or how we need global warming. Is 'Melon Tusk' listening? No Joe on Earth is bestowed with that talent eh?