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From "Covfefe" to "Yo Semite" and "Frorida" US President Donald Trump's speeches and tweets have been nothing short of a pandora box, which every time it opens gets the world's attention. Trump's recent campaign speech at a Whirlpool plant in Ohio made the headlines for many reasons, but one of them had to do something with Thailand, to be precise "Thighland." No kidding!

"Shifting production to Thighland, and to Vietnam" Trump said, before quickly correcting the pronunciation of Thailand. "Two places that – I like their leaders very much – do they take advantage of the United States? Not so much anymore," he added.

On any other day, it could have been a good save. But it was a campaign speech watched by millions of Americans nationwide. The blunder was caught quickly and started trending on Twitter.

Netizens have a field day

Naturally, memes and mockery take over Twitter as users made funny remarks about Trump's blunder. Check out some reactions below:

Not a first

Trump's mispronunciation comes just days after he called Yosemite National Park "Yo-semites." Not long ago, he had misspelled hamburgers as "hamberders" and Florida as "Frorida". But that doesn't stop the 74-year-old president from claiming he's sharp as ever - something his presidential rival Joe Biden, 77, also claims.

The presidential election is scheduled for November 3.