Online shopping has become a norm in wake of COVID-19 pandemic. But with this convenience comes a great deal of risk. There are several e-commerce websites selling everything under the sun and then there are websites, often unheard of, giving some irresistible offers on various items. These offers are so good, one might just go ahead and order even when it is not necessary.

If the thought comes to you that this particular deal is too good to be true, it's safe to assume it is not true. Mumbai Police is warning online shoppers of just that and has even released a list of fake shopping websites after busting a major cyber fraud gang that duped 22,000 people across India.

From dress materials to imitation jewellery and other household items, fraudsters lured online shoppers successfully duped thousands of people through fake websites to the tune of Rs 70 lakh. They even advertised their products on Facebook to get buyers. After several complaints against one fake website, Mumbai's cyber police investigated and arrested one Ashish Ahire, a 32-year-old techie from Gujarat.

online shopping
online shopping

List of fake shopping websites

The investigation further revealed 11 other fake websites that duped people on the pretext of selling them various items. Find the full list below, but there could be more:


"Don't Fall In The Dark Web Of fake sites! Mumbai Cyber Police arrested an IT expert from Gujarat, busting a fake online shopping racket. Using fake websites selling household items, accused duped 22,000 plus people for more than ₹70 lakh," Mumbai Police warned.