A 24-year-old woman and her boyfriend were allegedly harassed on board a local train in West Bengal for asking passengers in the general compartment to give them space to sit. The woman recorded the incident on her mobile phone and later took to Facebook to narrate their ordeal.

The incident comes just a few days after a young couple travelling by Kolkata Metro was thrashed by the passengers for 'standing too close' to each other.

According to the woman, the incident took place when she was returning home with her 28-year-old boyfriend on Saturday. The couple was travelling to Barrackpore and had boarded the Krishnanagar local train from the busy Sealdah station at 9 pm.

In her social media post, the woman said that on boarding the train, they had requested a middle-aged man to shift to either one corner or the other of a seat so that they can sit together. However, he refused to make space for them as he wanted to sit under the fan.

Kolkata local train
The couple were harassed in the local train. (Representational Image)Wikimedia Commons

The couple squeezed themselves into whatever little space was there. However, other passengers who boarded the local train started misbehaving with them, reported India Today. Not only did they ask her to move to a ladies section — irrespective of the fact that both male and female passengers can travel in a general compartment, but also commented on her dress.

The woman, who was dressed in a pair of jeans and t-shirt, was asked not to board the train in such clothes.

The man, who had refused to move away from under the fan, also told them to go home and sit on each other's lap. The woman recorded the incident on her mobile phone and has filed a complaint with the Government Railway Police.

Here's what the woman wrote in her Facebook post:

Starting from a metro case to Chanda Nagar mela , this all situation came in a pattern..and this time I became one of the victim today.

Protidin er Moto sealdah theke aaj o train a uthechilam..osojjho kar gorom thaka sotteo ekdol majh boyeshi nimno mostisker lokjon dabbi kore tara ektu sore boshe boshar jagah debena..Ami bollam ektu chepe boshon ek kono side a..tar dabi fan chere sey sorte parbena..seshe oti koste olpo ektu jagah Amra duijon a boshi..tokhono sunte Hoy..." Aita ladies na ladies a Jan "

Uneducated people ra jane na that is a general compartment not a gents.

Jai hok aikhanei sesh noy...seshe Amra jokhn uthe jai sei lokti amader jagah tei boshe tokhon take just jigasa krlam " Kaku akhon ki gorom lagchena..akhon apni amader jagah te chapte parlen"

Seitar answer pelam---"jao Bari giye kole niye boshe thako"

Aro sunte holo j "metror case ta tomader Moto generation er jonnei hoyche "

Amake bola Hoy " ai sab dress pore uthbena" ( I was in a normal regular jeans and a top)

I just want to say is this our country?

Jeikhane jonmo deye ek mohila sei mohila Der hi rojdin aisb sunte keno Hoy?

This is our new society jeikhane akhon train bus a uthlei aisab daily routine Hoy geche!

I just want to ask is this a behaviour which can be expected from the seniors.

P.s- The guy wearing white shirt and green t shirt in the picture.