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Two men were arrested in Bengaluru for attacking a rival gang member with swords. The incident took place outside Yelachenahalli metro station junction on Wednesday, March 3.

The accused, Harshith and Sharan, had spotted Mithun, their rival gangster while riding their bike at the metro station junction. They immediately got out from the bike, took out their choppers, advanced towards their target and began chasing him. While running, Mithun fell on the pavement and Harshith immediately descended upon him. The assailant then threatened Mithun of dire consequences and told him that he will meet the same fate as his brother, who was murdered earlier by Harshith.

Srikanth, an onlooker began filming the proceedings with his phone which angered the two 20-year-old. They attacked Srikanth and he sustained injuries while trying to escape. This was in turn filmed by other onlookers which angered the duo more.

"The duo turned violent as bystanders began to take photos. They started smashing cars on the road," a police officer was quoted as saying by The Hindu.

A probationary officer who was in the vicinity rushed to the scene of the crime. However, before he reached, Harshith and Sharan got onto their bike and sped away. On the way, they managed to break the windshield of a few vehicles, including a goods carrier.

A passerby noticed and filmed the actions of the duo and complained to the police. The Hoysala police was immediately dispatched. After an extensive search, the police found Harshith and Sharan on Thursday, hiding out in a farmhouse on the outskirts of the city and arrested them. Deccan Herald reported that after their arrest, the duo spent three hours in jail before they were produced in front of a magistrate court and remanded to judicial custody.

This is not the first encounter with the police for the duo. Harshith was jailed for murdering Mithun's brother, Puneeth in 2017, reports DH. After he got out on bail, Harshith was working as a painter. Sharan also went under the radar of the law enforcement when he was picked up for mobile snatching.