Brenock O'Connor
Brenock O'Connor in Game of ThronesTwitter/ Brenock O'Connor

Game of Thrones actor Brenock O'Connor has recently revealed that he once received death threats after the scene where he killed Kit Harington's character in HBO series. He was only 15-year-old back then.

In an interaction with The Sun, the English actor (18) said that he and his entire family was threatened to be killed by an American fan of the series.

During last week's Bromley Boys premiere, Brenock revealed the harrowing details: "I woke up and I had a tweet from a random guy in America, and it hadn't even come out in England because it was aired the night before in America, and it was, 'I'm going to murder you and your family and rape their corpses and feed it to my dogs'."

He added, "I was 15 at the time and was like 'OK, so that's out there'. But you've just got to take it because you've done a believable job. Pat yourself on the back. You've just got to let skim over you — it's not real."

In Game of Thrones season 5, Brenock's character Olly somehow tricks Jon (Kit Harington) into going outside. Then the commander has been stabbed by the mutinous men of the Night's Watch by one by one, including Olly.

The last scene of the series showed the fan-favourite character was killed. That incident triggered a furore because Snow's death actually turned up to be a betrayal by his own men. But in the next season, he was resurrected by Melisandre.

"I had no idea it was coming until three weeks before I shot it. They just send you the script two episodes at a time and I got it and went, 'Wow this is huge but people are going to hate me' because obviously, I killed Ygritte the year before," Brenock told The Sun.

Brenock further added, "I was like I'm taking them all out. I knew when I was coming back. No one told me but I knew that if I was coming back for season six I was not going to survive. There's no way you can kill two main characters and get away with it. It was great fun. I was 16 at the time. Full body harness, rope around your neck, dropped about 35 times that day.

That Jon Snow scene kept the fans abuzz as everyone thought the fan-favourite character has died while some fans did not want to believe it at all.

The 18-year-old actor further described the infamous scene, "It was a night shoot, it was late and we wanted to get the job done so we put our heads down and we got there. Kit is just professional until the end. He is a lovely man he will joke about, he will have a laugh with you just like everyone else will but everyone knows when the laughter needs to stop and the work needs to start."