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It is an old saying that art is a reflection of society and the Joker movie is the brilliant depiction of the saying.

Unlike other recently released superhero movies from either Marvel or DCEU, Todd Phillips' Joker movie is set in the 80s where crime was on the rise and the authorities were more or less helpless. The movie shows Joaquin Phoenix brilliantly playing the role of Arthur Fleck, a clown who performs for local grocery stores or hospitals to earn his way to the grand world of comedy circle.

Joker Movie
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Major Spoilers ahead:

The movie begins by showing Gotham, a city where class war has been going on for ages. For the very first time, we see Thomas Wayne making false commitments about his plans to eradicate poverty and lessen crime in Gotham city.

We then see how miserable Arthur Fleck's life is, who is still living with his ailing mother. Arthur's mother is hooked to watching reality talk show hosted by Robert De Niro's character Murray Franklin. 

As the film progresses, we see how Arthur loses control and becomes what he truly is — the Clown Prince of Crime. There is a very strong twist in the mid of the film that surprises not only the characters but also the audience, who have been seeing this character for a very long time.

When Arthur learns the reality about his parenthood, he goes on to confront the said person only to find a young boy, who would later become the vigilante Gotham needed.

Joaquin Phoenix's performance as Arthur Fleck/Joker:

There is a scene in the movie when Arthur Fleck is standing in an old elevator with his neighbour and her daughter. The lights are flickering and there comes a time when the elevator almost comes to a halt.

The irritated neighbour, Sophie, mentions to Fleck that the building is beyond repair. Her young daughter repeats her statement. Arthur then looks at Sophie only to find her doing the famous iconic-gun to the head scene. Arthur simply smiles and returns the gesture when they come out of the elevator.

Joker Movie
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There will be several scenes in the movie where you will feel sympathetic towards Arthur Fleck and there will be times when you will be afraid of him to the core. It was Joaquin's magic and on-screen persona that has made his Joker immortal.

It will not be wrong to say that Joaquin Phoenix is hypnotic as Joker. When he is sharing the screen space with Robert De Niro, he has the upper hand. 

Lastly, Joaquin Phoenix's Joker's laughter is going to be with you even after the curtains are down.