Twinkle Khanna who is currently in London for her Masters's degree in fiction writing felt like a 'giddy teenager' when her husband and actor Akshay Kumar came to pick her up at Goldsmiths University.

The Mrs Funnybones author took to her social media to share details of her University life and wrote, "What's it like to be an older student going back to university to do my Masters?
I feel like my mind has been thrown into a washing machine every day and it's a delight to walk around with squeaky clean ideas."


"There are evenings when I am working on my assignments and the kids are working on theirs-on our dining table with papers strewn across and shared pencils. And I turn into a giddy teenager when my husband come to pick me up from uni :)," Twinkle further added.

Video of Twinkle walking in the corridors of the University, a selfie with Akshay, and many other moments were shared with the fans. She also concluded the post by asking her followers, "Drop a ❤️ if you also believe that it's never too late to do anything at all."

And many users flooded the comments section with their inspiring stories. One user wrote, "It's nice, I'm studying in uni in my 40s alongside with my daughter who is doing medicine and me doing another healthcare degree. It's never too late indeed. Actually it's more enjoyable as adult student as we value studies more."

While the other said, "I did my 1st degree at 31 & my masters at 38 at edinburgh university, loved edinburgh so much I stayed - definitely better head space - good luck with yours." Calling Twinkle an inspiration, another person wrote, "❤️ Absolutely never too late!! I learnt two languages as an adult - one of these I started when I turned 40. For me, life is about continuous learning."

Twinkle's post when she joined the University in August, 2022

"There is a jump and a skip in my step as I start on a new journey.It took almost two years to plan all the logistics but I am finally going back to university to do my Masters In Life and Creative writing. It will be be surreal, this coming week, being a student again, scribbling down notes and sitting in classrooms.There are limited ways to grow at this age and though horizontally seems to be the easiest, I am doing my best to find different directions:)Tell me about the new skills you have learnt recently," Twinkle poured her heart on Instagram.