Looks like the Twitter head is on a weight loss path as Musk revealed on his newly acquired social media platform (Twitter) that he has lost almost 30lbs (13.6 kg) weight.

How you may wonder? Well, Elon Musk shared his formula as well in response to the user who asked, "You've lost a ton of weight, Elon! Keep up the fantastic work!"

Elon Musk

To this Musk replied saying. 'Down 30 lbs'. Chicago Glenn further asked, "What's made the most difference?" and Musk replied by saying, "Fasting + Ozempic/Wegovy + no tasty food near me'. For those unaware, Ozempic is a drug for diabetes.

In July this year, Musk's shirtless picture had gone viral from his Greece holiday. To that he had replied, "Reacting to the tweet, Musk gave a funny reply and said, "Haha damn, maybe I should take off my shirt more often ... free the nip!! (already back in the factory btw) [sic]

This picture went viral when Musk decided to back out of the US$ 44 billion Twitter takeover deal.

Musk's sarcasm

Musk has been in the news for mass layoffs and rollback of implemented decisions. The microblogging platform's new CEO Elon Musk took to his Twitter and shared a picture of him posing with two people who seemed like his employees. "Welcoming back Ligma and Johnson!", he wrote. And further added, "Important to admit when I'm wrong and firing them truly one of my biggest mistakes."

Several images and videos went viral in which two men carrying boxes were seen standing near the entrance of Twitter's San Francisco building, claiming to have been laid off by Musk.

The people in the picture are the pranksters who pretended to be laid-off Twitter employees in front of the media. At the time, the duo tricked multiple media outlets as the public anxiously awaited news on whether Tesla CEO had begun axing staffers.

Musk's tweet is in reference to one of the pranksters who said his name was Rahul Ligma - a reference to a popular internet meme - and held a copy of Michelle Obama's book 'Becoming' aloft while speaking to reporters. The other said his name was Daniel Johnson.

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