When it comes to wit, believe Diljit Dosanjh to give an honest response to questions or fan tweets. Using his mother tongue Punjabi, Dosanjh yet again impressed his fans with his answer to a journalist who asked him when she would be able to interview him next.

The journalist who had interviewed him in 2019 wrote, "The last time I interviewed you was in 2019. When do we do it next?"

Diljit's fashion

Diljit said, "Interviews Pasand Ni Mainu Sochi. Bachda Mai Jina Ho Sakey.. Jhuth Bolan Nu Jee Ni Karda Sach Sunn'na Aukha..Society ch Rehna Haley. Sach Nu Aksar Suli Te Hee Tangeya Janda.. Oh Dimension Haley Open Ni Hoi Mere Lai." (English Translation: I don't like interviews, so I try and avoid them as much as I can. I don't like to lie, and listening to the truth is difficult. We have to live in a society where the truth is often crucified. I don't want to open that dimension for myself.)

A fan on Twitter asked Diljit what matters to him in life and to this Diljit replied, "My life is simple. Trying To Break This Life Circle. Livin Within You Is Wat I am Doing" [sic]

 On the professional front

On the Twitter thread, Diljit spoke about his upcoming album 11:11 which will release in 2023. When a fan requested him to release at least one song, he stressed how he will release all the songs together and will move on from that project later. More details are awaited.

Diljit Dosanjh is currently busy with his Born To Shine world tour. His next stop is Mumbai and this triggered Delhi fans on Twitter. A user wrote, "Delhi people are waiting for you." To this, the singer wrote, "Delhi will be next year. Dates are less currently."

Diljit was recently seen in Netflix's film titled Jogi which focuses on the Sikh Community in Delhi following the assassination of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

He was also seen in the Punjabi film Babe Bhangra Paunde Ne. The movie, directed by Amarjit Singh, also featured Sargun Mehta and Sohail Ahmed in lead roles. The film was released on October 5.