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V Mohanraj, a former IAS officer in Chennai was arrested on Thursday, March 14, for duping people of crores of money by promising them government jobs in the state. He was taken into custody in the commissioner's office and have confessed to his crimes.

The case came to light when Nissar Ahmed, a resident of Nungambakkam in Chennai, told the central crime branch unit in the city stating that 62-year-old Mohanraj had cheated him. A case was registered against Mohanraj, reports Times of India. He had taken Rs 5.5 crore from over 100 people. 

Upon further investigation, the police discovered that Mohanraj was connected with Navappan, a Chennai resident who posed as an IAS officer and cheated people of their money in exchange for a promise for a government job. 28-year-old Navappan was arrested by the Entrustment Document Fraud (EDF) in 2018. He cheated people of more than Rs 10 lakh by telling them that he worked at the Secretariat in Chennai and he would get them jobs.

The Central Crime Branch (CCB) found out that Mohanraj and Navappan were acquaintances in 2015 and 2016 while Mohanraj was still serving as an IAS officer.

Ahmed, the complainant, told the CCB that he had approached Mohanraj in 2015 asking for a medical seat for his daughter. Mohanraj said that he would require Rs 50 lakhs which Ahmed willingly provided. However, nothing happened and Ahmed asked for the money back. The cheque which Mohanraj gave Ahmed bounced, angering Ahmed. Ahmed then went to the CCB to lodge a complaint.