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Medical education is going to be more expensive in Karnataka after the state government made a decision to increase postgraduate tuition fees by at least 15 per cent.

The Consortium of Medical, Engineering and Dental Colleges of Karnataka (ComedK) submitted the proposal to the state government for all government seats under ComedK quota seats to incorporate the new costs from the academic years of 2019-20, reports Times of India. 

According to the consortium's president, M R Jayaram, said that along with an increase this year, there will also be a yearly increase of 15 per cent. He added that fee hike for undergraduate courses will be decided after the 2019 Lok Sabha elections which will take place in the summer.

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Including the Rs 5,06,000 PG students will have to pay Rs 75,900 extra from the commencement of the upcoming academic. Bad news for students under the ComedK quota is that they will have to spend Rs 1.1 lakh more. The current fee is Rs 7,59,000.

For students of para-clinical courses, students with a government seat will have to pay Rs 19,000 extra while those with management seats will have to pay Rs 61,000 extra. Dental students will have to shell out Rs 39, 000 more for government seats and Rs 61,000 for those with KPCF/ComedK seats. Clinical diploma courses will cost an extra Rs 57,000 and Rs 86,000 and around Rs 19,000 and about 28,000 for para-clinical courses.