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Fahadh Faasil's latest Malayalam movie "Maheshinte Prathikaaram" was released in 67 screens in Kerala on Friday, 5 February, and it locked horns with Nivin Pauly starrer "Action Hero Biju", which was released on Thursday.

In Dileesh Pothan's debut directorial venture, Fahadh is seen as a photographer named Mahesh who owns a small studio in Idukki. The movie is the actor's second this year after "Monsoon Mangoes." Anusree is seen opposite Fahadh in the movie, which looks like a light-hearted fun-filled entertainer set in a village. 

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While the story and scripting of "Maheshinte Prathikaram" has been done by Shyam Pushkaran, cinematography and editing have been handled by Saiju Khalid and Saiju Sreedharan, respectively. Bijibal's music has garnered good response after two songs of the movie were released recently. "Maheshinte Prathikaram" is being produced by Aashiq Abu under the banner OPM Dream Mill Cinemas and is the second outing of Aashiq and Fahadh after the hit movie "22 Female Kottayam" in 2012.

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Meanwhile, Nivin and Abrid Shine's "Action Hero Biju," released on Thursday, has been receiving positive response from movie-goers and if it will affect the Fahadh starrer is something we need to wait and watch.

Check out the live audience response of "Maheshinte Prathikaaram" below:

Sourab TA

Maheshinte Prathikaaram - മഹേഷിന്റെ പ്രതികാരം is a beautiful piece of work. Enjoyed it a lot smile emoticon Going in with a simple tale and making, there wasn't a single dull moment in the movie. Brilliant direction by Dileesh Pothen for a superb screenplay by Shyam Pushkaran. Beautiful frames by Shaiju Khallid & top notch music by Bijibal adds to the positives. Fahad, Soubin, Anushree, Aparna & every actor in the cast made their mark with their natural perfomances. Congrats to the whole crew. Happy that I could watch the movie with them at Saritha Theater today. The movie of the season is here. So do catch it at your nearby cinemas.

Ashish Chikku

Simple, Down to earth with classic comedy sequences from our day to day life. Feel fresh with this one! Awesome movie! Don't Miss it! Aashiq etta, Santhosh etta Padam Kalakki!!!

Bipin Jose

MAHESHINTE PRATHIKARAM!! Kidilan prathikaram! Superb movie! Fahad is back with a bang! And APARNA BALAMURALI what a perfo! And a lot of new faces who are apt for the characters . Philip Dileesh Dileesh pothen director wow! Kidilan thanne

Arun Gopinath

Happy to see fahadh fazil in full form. Maheshinte prathikaram is a perfect entertainer. Congrats Dileesh Pothan and team

Sonu Unnikrishnan

Well,The talented guy FAHADH FASIL is came back with his new movie, "MAHESHINTE PRATHIKAARAM" And the industry got another promising good director too DILEESH POTHEN Like the movie titled as Maheshinte prathikaaram.its not only deals with prathikaaram(revenge) but,also some sort of elements focusing into the rural area unnecessary silly common conflicts or issues happening from the after effects arising out of causing someone's somewhere, at last, all these lead to a clash between two young peoples highlighting these and it laid the foundation for framing out the protagonist way.The movie revolves around the true life ,love,care,passion, real incidents , realistic characters and more... The movie start with a beautiful song called IVAL AANU MIDUMIDUKKI (idukki song) ,One of the best visualization ever seen this year..The major role was played by FAHADH FASIL as Mahesh bahavan a studio photographer ,and ANUSREE playing his childhood friend and lover called soumya..and following the all co-actors ,supporting casts made their space and contributions handled well especially promising two lead role actors Soubin shahir and Alencier Ley in all sense a good movie for all 100days movie✌

Vimal S Nair 

Malayalam Movie Maheshinte Prathikaaram: Pakka Realistic Movie. Everyone Did Justice To Their Characters. Kidu Making, Camera, Music. Overall Awesome Movie.  Please Go And Watch With Your Family.My Rating 4/5.

Comrade Gopikrishnan 

Dont under estimate the power of common man..Actually it doesnt work in "ChennaiExpress"...Bt its worked in this..Mahesh s just an ordinary man..he has a Revenge..thats the movie..Loved it verymuch except some of cliched parts...Natural dialogues are the biggest plus in the movie..Fahad&Soubin did great job.. Go For it... 3.5/5

Sourab Kumar

Maheshinte prathikaram - good film..Soubin Shahir steals the show...hats off to Dileesh Pothan...!!!!

Nadhan Ks

''Maheshinte prathikaram'' sooopr realistic movie...nice one

Shibin Mathew 

Kiddu padam must watch non stop enjoyment from start till end perfect climax

Sree Raj

Maheshinte prathikaram

☆ idukiyude bhangi nannayi kaanecherekunnu

☆ shyju kahalid magical frames & visuals

☆ bijibal superb song composition lovely song's

☆ natural comedy sequence very well

☆ anusree superb performance

☆ well scripting & directing shyam pushkaran & Dileesh pothan hat's of both

☆ awesome cut syju sreedharan

Satisfied first half comondra maheshe ..........

Nigel John

Maheshinte prathikaram. - kutam parayan onnum illla My rating 8.5/10

Sree HA RI

Watched Maheshinte prethikaaram _ മഹേഷിന്റെ പ്രതികാരം
Simply sooperb movie